Well, today was another day of not much time…. had to make up all the yard work I got out of by sleeping in yesterday.


I knew I’d only have about 30 minutes online, so I chose to spend the time doing dailies to farm alt money.

On that topic, I think tomorrow I’ll spend some time working on a request I had back during the Gold and Epic Mounts post for a detailed list of what daily quests there are, where to find them and how to qualify to do them.

I research so you don’t have to!

Have fun clawing faces, and I’ll see you online!

One Response to “Work, work, work”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Daily quest help would be good info for me. I’m mainly focused on pvp so after dinging 70 I didn’t spend much time grinding rep, 5 mans and Kara are out of the question. Pvp is expensive though, so better methods of making money are always welcome.


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