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Thank you to everyone that had songs to suggest last week, they have ALL been listened to, and I consider it a big win in my book because I got introduced to new music that I find I’m liking quite a bit. So again, thank you all.

While the suggestion of Mahna Mahna was funny, the fact that I actually HAVE that song is kind of scary. And I do mean the Muppet Show version. Regrettably, I don’t really see that as falling under ‘Raid music”. I also have the Muppets’ Swedish Chef on mp3.

On the other hand, it does beg for a new category, ‘Boss music’. Something to think about for the future.

So far you’ve had a couple of Irish songs, or at least celtic, and Elune knows I’ve got a ton of that on my raid music playlist. The other stuff that fills out my raid playlist mostly falls under the category of goth/techno. But there is a lot of eclectic stuff, that frankly probably comes under the heading of ‘wierd stuff that the old fart likes’. Just as a friendly warning :).

Some of the music suggested last week are now on the list, but one song a week means it’s gonna be a while before you may hear yours up here. Please be patient.

In the meantime, here is one that I find perfectly fulfills what I want to listen to on a raid run…. a hard driving adrenaline pumping beat, good background filler, and a refrain that I can chant that matches my feelings at the time when the raid leader is giving his isntructions.

I hope you enjoy.

Remember, your suggestions for Raid Song of the Week are welcomed and encouraged! Send em’ in!

6 Responses to “Raid Song of the Week #3 – Do What They Told Ya”
  1. Ratshag says:

    The Swedish Chef FTW! Bork! Bork! Bork! (Still anxiously awaiting Season 2 on DVD …)

    Really liked your first raiding song – went and downloaded it from iTunes so I could have it meself. Looking forward to hearing this one when I get home. Can’t play at work – would set a bad example for da peons.

  2. Adrus says:

    the bands i like to listen to when grinding is Warlock the album Triumph & Agony, Skid Row and i have to have some Twisted Sister…..

  3. oingo says:

    System of a Down: Attack

  4. Peashooter says:

    It ends tonight, by the All American Rejects, for bosses that give you pain and you think you will take down.

    and The Final Count Down for first boss tries and just for the riff at the beginning.

  5. the Daakster says:

    May be just a teeny bit angsty but this always gets me in the mood :-)

    Revolution Action by Atari Teenage Riot

  6. James says:

    Love that song!

    This was my favorite CD until it picked up a huge scratch and I bade it a fond farewell.


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