Sometimes, I am so used to awesomeness, that I forget that someone out there may not be aware of the awesome.

In this case, I would like to direct you to check out Spinnerdisc

It’s got nothing to do with WoW… but.


Watch all three Tiny Plaid Ninja short films. I order you. Well, suggest strongly, anyway.

His other stuff is awesome too… but I have a Tiny Plaid Ninja shirt. I give crazy people love, too. And I love this guy.

3 Responses to “BTW… Tiny Plaid Ninjas”
  1. Bell says:

    I’ve seen these before! Great stuff. Good times :)

  2. gamedame says:

    Hadn’t seen these! Awesome stuff!

  3. klaki says:

    Awesome! Thanks for brightening my day :)


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