Okay, and one last one.

I gotta give it to John Ringo… he knows what I wish I had.That gun rocks.

Movie is cheesy.. but just the right amount of cheese to envy those bastards running around shooting that thing.

7 Responses to “Disintegrator? Sign me up!”
  1. Cryon says:

    Rubberband Warfare: Evolved. I wish I had one too, it is pure win.

  2. agador says:

    I feel like the rate of fire might be too great to be of any practical use in a rubber band fight. Then again, you could be defending a position…

  3. BigBearButt says:

    well, i like the idea of a weapon taht takes 3 days to load, and 10 seconds to run out of ammo. But come on, that rocks!

  4. Trollin' says:

    That’s AMAZING.

    I’m glad I’m an engineering student.

  5. klaki says:

    ROFL! That is so awesome. Now they need to create a clip of some sort for easy reloading. I needz me one!

  6. Quincey says:


    I have a workshop, timber cant be that expensive, a simple firing mechanism cant be too hard to design and build…brb drawing up plans.

  7. Manny says:

    I WANT ONE. I have lots of squirrels in my backyard.. muhahahahaha


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