You guys know me by now.

You know that, idiot that I am, when I’ve got a good way of making in game gold, I run right out and blab it to the world. At least, that part of the world that comes and reads da blog.

The last time I did this, it was to share my excitement and enthusiasm for killing trees in Skettis to farm herbs.

Well, we all know how THAT turned out.

I still remember Cassie, reading my blog that day, asking me what I thought was gonna happen if I tell everyone about my favorite way of making money in the game. “But dear”, I replied, “I hardly think telling the 30 people who read my blog about the trees is gonna bring the economy of the game crashing down.”

Well, this one might just hurt, because it is a direct competition. But damn, it is so sweet.

Now, for this next trick, you need Engineering skill high enough (305) to have Zapthrottles’ Mote Extractor, the Epic crafted Engineering goggles that allow you to see mote clouds on your mini-map, Epic Flying Skill and an Epic Flying Mount, Cartographer, the Cartographer Routes plugin and the Cartographer ExtractGas plugin.

As you fly around in Nagrand, you will see Windy Clouds pop up on your mini-map. You get there, use your mote extractor to pluck precious Motes of Air from them. You get between 3 and 5 Motes of Air from 1 Windy Cloud.

When you nail a Windy Cloud with your Mote Extractor, the Cartographer ExtractGas plugin records that on your mini-map and big map.

As you learn the spawn locations for Windy Clouds, you use Cartographer Routes plugin to create the optimized route to fly to hit all of those clouds as fast as possible.

Then do laps. The respawn rate on the clouds is amazing.

How amazing?

I ran the circuit in Nagrand for exactly 1 hour yesterday.

At the end of that hour, I had 14 Primal Air.

You do the math.

And since this also works with Motes of Water in Zangarmarsh, Motes of Mana in Netherstorm, and Motes of Shadow in Shadowmoon Valley, if one area is already being farmed, don’t compete… just move on.

After all, with rates like that, who needs to farm all day? Get in, get yours, and get gone.

32 Responses to “Stealth topic… shh! Don’t tell anyone!”
  1. Joel says:

    As an extra something that no one on my servers needs to know about, you don’t need the epic goggles. Plain old Ultra-Spectropic Detection Goggles will work for those of us whose engineers haven’t received any Primal Nethers.

  2. Urthona says:

    No FAIR.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for mentioning the trees in Skettis, btw. Nobody really farms these on my server and since I started herbing them a week ago, I’m halfway to my epic flying mount. It was something I just didn’t think about until you brought it up.


  4. BigBearButt says:

    Damnit Joel! At least by making folks think they needed the epic goggles, it woulda put folks off a bit… now you’ve blown it wide open!

    Damn, I remember the days when I prayed to get a single Primal Nether to make my goggles.

    Now with Badges the way they are, and the requirements to get into Heroics lowered, and the daily quests driving so many to go often and look for PuGs, well….

    Although i still refuse to run Heroic PuGs, myself.

    Some things just ain’t worth the pain.

  5. Joel says:

    Hey, when you start revealing super secret money making tricks to the unwashed masses, you have to take your chances! :P

  6. Ratshag says:

    And peoples always bitch about engineering being a money-sink. I shoulda been an engineer …

  7. DC says:

    Rats, it /was/ a money sink until the mote extractor and the clouds. Now with those, and the new goggles, and the flying mount, there’s a reason to be an engineer again.

  8. Doug says:

    The real question is: Do you need an epic flying mount to do this?..because daily quests keep my gold level steady, and I have no big purchases planned…except maybe that mount.

  9. Messyah says:

    As if giving Engineers the ability to make their own mounts and the ability to make a helmet that destroys most Tier 4 pieces and rivals the Tier 5 and maybe 6 pieces, now they have this too? Jesus… Engineers are the Warlocks of the Profession world. LOL

    (Glad I am leveling one. LOL)

  10. Anna says:

    In my experience, the flying mount is what makes the difference. 2 hours on my gas-route flying around Zangarmarsh the other day, on a regular old flappy with a riding crop, netted me about 5 full primal water. I did stop to mine a few adamantite nodes in that time though.

  11. BigBearButt says:

    Anna hit it on the head… you don’t need an epic flying mount to get the motes… but I can tell you true, if you have an epic, you can stay on top of the respawns and OWN the zone.

    As long as I’m not in yer zone, zapping yer motes, you’ll probably fare well.

    And I DO NOT want to hear one more smartass QQ about Engineering being OPed.

    I held on to Engineering as a profession for a LONG time, on both my Druid and Hunter. I had Engineering maxed on my hunter as a goblin from the deep, dark times, before the 2.0, when every other profession was getting BOP Epics, and we were getting… Frost Grenades. Almost every other Engineer changed professions in disgust, but I held on TIGHT, certain that someday I would be laughing my ass off.

    It took a LONG time to come. /gloat

    Now if you’ll excuse me… I gots a Deathblow X-11 goggle lens to polish. And tonight… well, I’m sure some motes, somewhere, will be going down.

    Oh, and FYI.. since my other profession is Herbalism on my druid… heh. High speed farming of Herbs AND Motes, with BOTH showing up on my mini-map tracking. Hee hee hee.

  12. Logan says:

    Ok, now that engineering’s gotten its long-overdue buff, how about enchanting? What can I do as a 375 enchanter that I can’t get some other 375 enchanter to do? Enchant my own…

    rings (?!)

    Look out world. Thanks to the hundreds/thousands of gold I’ve spent on leveling enchanting I am now rocking a whopping 24 extra spell damage. Illidan is trembling in his boots.


  13. Messyah says:

    Logan - The funny thing is I have read tales of players dropping a gathering profession just to enchant their own stuff (rings) and then dropping enchanting and getting their gathering back. Madness. Pure madness!

  14. Logan says:

    Enchanting really is a money sink. It’s not profitable unless you’re spending inordinate amounts of time in major cities spamming trade looking for customers. Because it doesn’t have any tangible results, you can’t put your “goods” up on the AH and go on about your merry business like you can in crafting and gather profs.

    There ARE the rare enchants like Executioner, Mongoose, and Soulfrost but once you get those you have to go make a rod that costs 10 times the amount of profit you’ll make from doing even one of the enchants. Yech.

  15. cranberyxl says:

    With arena queues what they are these days, I find it very easy to hop on the Ole Epic Copter and zap a primal or 2 in Nagrand before the queue pops. Even better is to queue in Nagrand. Now if they’d just fix the impossible to reach nodes, or give us a little more range…

  16. Karellen says:

    Well shit, I’d better get around to making that Extractor.

    Warning for BBB: you might see me flying around in Nagrand some time soon :) You’ve been warned!

  17. Kirk says:

    Logan, it’s not the money sink that fries me the most.

    It’s the fact that I can’t support my alts. Engineering comes close to this problem, but enchanting… I can take a BoE, mail it, enchant it, mail it back and wear, or I can wear a BoP with no enchant that I don’t buy from SOMEONE ELSE.

  18. Gibbiex says:

    I dont’ think enchant is entirely worthless. Sure i sunk probably 500g getting it to 300 on my alt, but i just love DE every single crap quest item that i get, and selling all that stuff on the AH.

    As i level my lowely druid (enchant/LW) i really like handing out enchants to other lowbies (for free, i’m nice and don’t need a cash cow). If i didn’t regularly get rid of mats this way, and DIDN’T POWERLEVEL i could probably recoup my investment readily. At 70 i imagine there is some good profit soley by DE everything you get from the zillion quests, esp the stuff that you outgrow. But yeah, from pure enchant, its probably completely a money sink.

    Although I imagine i could gather my enchant mats, annouce i have x rarish enchant, charge an appropriate value, and be happy. I’m much more likely to spend whatever amount of gold to get the enchant right then and there in shat rather than a) hoping on alt to get to AH or porting back to AH, gathering the precise amount of mats, getting back to enchanter, figuring out how much of a tip to leave, etc. I’d rather pay 2 or 3x markup just to have it and be done.

    Dman now i really want to drop my worthless alchemy and take up engineering.

  19. Messyah says:

    A friend and I have put together a website to discuss Making Money techniques & tricks in WoW and it is growing nicely.

    I’d love to have BBB as a contributor, but he has yet to respond to my email. :-(

    Anyway, the site is…

    WoW Jones

    (Did not intend to steal this post, but hey… it is about making money.

    BBB - Would you mind if I cross-posted this on my site, linking readers back to you of course?

  20. EvilBeast says:

    I remember when I discovered the joy of the mote extractor and my epic mount as an engineer. I collected so much damn primal air. The worst part is the mote clouds that are out of reach. Come on Blizzard! The first time I probably spent 5 minutes trying to get to a cloud, thinking it was possible. Luckily I had my parachute cape equipped for each of those falls.

  21. BigBearButt says:

    Messyah, with all due respect, yes I would mind. I haven’t gotten any emails at all about this, btw. Got some good emails from readers, thank you guys.

    I intentionally did NOT use a post heading to call attnetion to the post or make it more searchable by trolling feeds.

    I posted it specifically for my readers, and don’t really want it getting propagated out there to strangers.

    thank you very much for asking, but honestly, I don’t want a big thing getting amde about it. Just something to tell my readers who may be wondering what to do with that neat engineering skill deys got.

  22. Ribeye-Skywall(US) says:

    OK, I’ll give away a freebie to y’all for a darn fine farming opportunity. Requires a Character with Jewelcrafting to do it; the pattern WILL NOT drop unless your character has this profession, though if it is a group farm and ONE character is a jewelcrafter, all will be allowed to roll. It’s in Shadowmoon Valley, near the Cistern; there are Coilskar Sirens there. They have a decent chance (numbers are skewed by all the non-JC kills, but I’d peg it at ~1-2%) to drop a beautiful Meta Gem pattern – Mystical Skyfire Diamond, I think, but I can’t verify that because I’m posting from work and “Gaming sites are blocked” FTL. At any rate, the pattern is *not* unique, so you can round up more than one if you should be so lucky, and they go for 400-600g a whack on the AH. Merry Christmas, fuzzbutts. :)

  23. bbr says:

    Yep works Amazingly well.
    I got some more gold makers on my blog as well.

    And a link to BBBB ! ;)

  24. Messyah says:

    BBB, of course I am going to ask first, which I did. :-) I respect you decision.

    As far as emailing you, I didn’t email you about this post, I emailed you about the posibility of becoming a contributor on WoW Jones. Perhaps you have a spam filter that doesn’t like me? (I know Mania had the same issue when I emailed her in the past.)

  25. Anonymous says:

    This conversation is quite enlightening. Where to begin…

    My level 62 Mage will be getting a Primal Nether this week. I’ve already confirmed he can zone into a heroic, so now I just need to get a group to clear to a boss and then 4-man him with the Mage.

    My 3 year old warlock got 300 enchanting last week. I haven’t bothered leveling it since. Enchants past 300 start costing a pretty penny, so I’d like to try and sell my stuff. I hate sitting in town looking for buyers though. I just want to get high enough to hit up the ring enchants.

    Looking forward to mote extracting though.

  26. DC says:

    @ribeye: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

  27. AgroBear says:

    BBB – question for you and the others here. I’ve been monkeying around with Cart’s Extract Gas feature and for the life of me CANNOT get the dang thing to work. I read several posts, used a bit of know how – but this ole bear is at the end of the cave with no place to turn around. I know you have to use ACE2, which I do, I’ve tried both the wowace version of Cart and the Curse version (yes they are slightly different) but no luck. I’m seriously thinking of dumping my .lua file and rebuilding with just Cart to see if I can isolate the issue. – Any ideas anyone?

  28. AgroBear says:

    PS. I do have the mining, herbin and fishing components working – just not the extract gas piece.

  29. BigBearButt says:

    For cartographer, what I do know is the database of herbing and mining locations does not include pre-existing gas cloud locations.

    Every gas cloud location, to show up in your database, needs to be found first.

    What I did to start with, was to go to locations people mentioned in posts on Wowhead.

    I also set the route to felweed and dreaming glory in Nagrand, and after optimizing, it pretty much coveres every square inch of the zone.

    But it does take weeks to build up a solid database of where they are.

    If you are actively mining a Gas Cloud, and you don’t get the node showing in your map… I have no idea what to tell you.

  30. AgroBear says:

    Hey BBB – I actually figured this out and the answers may help your readers. I got Cartographer after reading about it on WoWInsider and I followed the detailed instructions to the letter…

    which is sort of where I hit the first snag. The author noted that you need ACE2 to make the extract gas addition work properly – this is correct, but you ALSO need ACE1 – which I hadn’t installed when I got wowaceupdater. I also added ACE3 for good measure.

    The other thing I noticed was that I wasn’t given the option to list gas clouds on the searchable map – until I’d found the first one in each zone. After that I went back and checked the Routes >>> Add option and found it listed under trackables. Before I’d phsyically gone and gotten one however, the option had not been available in the tracking database.

    Thanks to you and WoWInsider and some sleuthing I farmed up about 20 primals and mapped out 4 zones throughout the weekend while my son took his afternoon naps.

  31. Asara Dragoness says:

    hi! First time visitor, thanks Entrecard, lol! I have never leveled an Engineer very far.. a few too many trips between the bank and the blacksmith area in SW because I forgot one little thing that I’d need to make something just frustrated me beyond my ability to continue. Perhaps I shall try again though, with this as the reward!

    Now.. can you tell me something useful I can do with my 375 LW on my main??? LOL!

  32. agro bear says:

    the various drums work well for combat, you can make a ton of money off the nethercobra/cleft armor kits, as well as the BOE leather DPS chest piece


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