Beary Sneaky!

Congratulations to Kakalaki, for coming up with the name both Cassie and I could agree we liked best out of a ton of awesome ideas.

I did not announce it yesterday, since I saved the announcement for the WoW Insider Show podcast I did today.

Again, thanks Kakalaki! We love it!

6 Responses to “And the winnah is….”
  1. Kat says:

    Great choice!

  2. Ratshag says:

    Is a most excellent name – well done, Kakalaki! And lucks to Beary Sneaky!

  3. Mooberry says:

    Congo Rats Kakalaki! And many happy hours PvPing.

  4. Bellwether says:

    Nice! Very cute and punny. :D

  5. kakalaki says:

    Yes! Congo Rats to the new and exciting team of Beary Sneaky! I’m sure bear the thought of waiting to try the arenas out. :)

    I will email you with the address to send the loyalties check to :) j/k

    I’m just glad you like the name.


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