I want to give a thanks and shout out to Pugnacious Priest.

I did a little blog hopping from blog link to blog link, and along the way came across Pugnacious Priest for the first time.

Now, I gots me a 64 Shadow Priest, so I like Priest blogs in the first place, but I saw this post about How to make a quick and dirty blog or guild website banner image.

As many of you are aware, when I left Legatum Ignavis and raiding, I decided to remain in and open up the guild that me and my close friends have held for years, Sidhe Devils. It had been where our alts kept their home, it had some guild bank space to stash low level mats and give us a place to park our guys without clogging up ‘serious’ guilds, you know. An alt guild.

Well, in opening it up to new members, we knew we needed a nice website, so Cassieann set up a guildportal site. And we would need some voice chat options for 5 mans, so we got a small Ventrilo server. (Thanks for the link to the vent server service, Matticus, I used your website link to go get the server. Their front end and quality seems to rock.)

This morning, I got an email saying that some, currently unknown, benefactor had paid to upgrade the guildportal website to a full feature site. Now, it wasn’t Cassie or I, so we have no idea who did it… but we certainly thank you.

In the process, I put two and two together… new paid-for guild website with forums… a post about how to make a quick and dirty banner image… hmmmm.

So I went and made one, and it took 5 minutes, no Photoshop like I used for my blog back in teh day, and it turned out very nice, IMO.


If you are in the position of wanting to make a banner image with text and borders for your blog or guild website, I heartily urge you to go and read Pugnacious Priests’ post and have fun with it… if I can do it, so can you!

9 Responses to “Thanks to Pugnacious Priest!”
  1. Nasirah says:

    Oooh, I like it!

  2. Squirrelz says:

    I have to agree. We’ve got a pretty sweet looking banner. Nicely done.

    All we really are is
    -Squirrelz >:-D

  3. Matticus says:

    You’ll love Nationvoice. I’ve stuck with them since my early days in counterstrike.

    Thanks for clicking. Believe me when I say its going to go straight to my tuition ;).

  4. Anna says:

    ooo. pretty! I’ve always loved that image from the WCIII box.

  5. Galoheart says:

    I actually like the Image you created there for your new guild. Got a real devil look there.

    Will check out the priest link to creating those images, it will come in handy for something I’m thinking of.

  6. Zahrah says:

    Looking good! Pretty cool pic and thankyou for the plug :P

  7. Stale says:

    Photoshop FTW…

    I will never bow to the pressure of using web based editors :P

  8. dammerung says:

    Its freakin awesome. Took me this long to see it as work blocked it for some reason.

  9. Kemangi says:

    Ooooh so pretty!

    Is that Hibou?




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