Comic day!

No, not from me.

Looking For Group today has showed how they can step up to the stage and bring us the funny.

I ain’t gonna blow the surprise punchline from that comic, but let me say that I think it takes genius to go out into the game, take one of the tiredest, most overdone sad-ass concepts from the forums, and just seize it and make it fresh, new, and funny.

Yes, Youtube used the same concept as the foundation¬†for their April Fool’s gag, but this just takes it to the next level.

 Way to go, Blind Ferret.

8 thoughts on “Comic day!

  1. Never seen that one before, so I started at the beginning. OMFG that was great!
    Funnist thing I have read in a long time, Thanks much for brightning a blah Thursday.


  2. If you think the comic is funny, check the downloads section at lfg. Watch the Richard music video where he rampages in a village. Hilarious! And well sung, too.


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