Free rep, and free non-combat pets. Just have some fun, see the sights, and enjoy deliberating over what you like.. Eggbert? Itty bitty elephants?

 These only come once a year… and I know I like my elephant very much. So what are you waiting for?

You can do the Azeroth chain of orphan quests at level 10, and the Outland chain of orphan quests at level 60, and the whole Outland chain grants you 1660 Lower City rep.

The contest! 

In the spirit of The Scout Report, I’d like to challenge my wonderful, light hearted readers to go out there with your orphan and take a screenshot of you and your orphan in… imaginative locations. No guidance from me, do your best to come up with something truly fun.

Email me your best screenie (and no floods of shots, please, pick the one you like best) to bigbearbuttedone AT yahoo DOT com and next Friday Cassieann and I will pick the ones we like the best.

Along with displaying the ones we like the most, Cassieann and I will decide which is the overall winner, and the artful dodger will get a 100% Feral Druid button and bragging rights.

The bragging rights might be worth more, but hey… we do what we can to have fun. :)

5 Responses to “Children’s Week starts today and a contest!”
  1. Messyah says:

    Can’t you not complete the quest and keep the item that summons your orphan? Now THAT is an non-combat pet.

  2. That’s mentioned in the guide at

    Q: Can I keep my orphan as a pet?

    A: In the past, some players intentionally did not turn in the final quest in order to keep the whistle to summon their orphan year-round. But this was unintended by the developers. In 2006, they added a 7-day duration to the original whistles (2-day for blood elf and draenei children whistles) so they could no longer be kept long-term.

    Not got a whistle yet this year, so can’t confirm what the duration of either is this time ’round.

    Have fun,


  3. Messyah says:

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! LOL – Oh well, it would have been cool to have a pet orphan. LOL

  4. kakalaki says:

    Darn! I won the “Name the Arena Team” and didn’t get a pin! I’m going to win this. I gotz to have my pin! :)

  5. Well shoot, now I wish I didn’t already do my quest T_T


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