Poll results are in for special features, and Storytime won out with 61.7% of the vote.

Coming in second is a strong vote for “Shut the hell up with the other crap and just post, stupid.”


Well, you will in time come to regret that decision, I’m sure.

This will actually be an interesting challenge. I mean, on the one hand, I have packed a lot of crazy into a fairly short lifespan. On the other hand, the number of crazy things I’ve seen or done pretty much stopped dead when I got married and stopped associating with crazy people and living in crazy places.

Now Cassieann is the one living with crazy people.

Point is, there is an upper limit on how many stories there can be. And I generally have to be in the mood for writing a long rambling story. You know, instead of a long rambling post.

And having said that, I’ve thought of no less than 5 different things that would make a good story tomorrow.

Without trying.

It occurs to me that a good rule of thumb in life would be, “If Bear thinks it’s a good idea, back away slowly until out of the area of effect, then turn and run like hell.”

5 Responses to “Poll results are in”
  1. Bellwether says:

    But don’t move in Flame Wreath or you’ll blow up the raid.

  2. Nightravyn says:

    So what does it say if instead of running, we start looking for someplace to set up camp to makes sure we have a comfy spot to listen? >.>

  3. Ataun says:

    Might I recommend a page from Matticus’s book on posting, and pre-write those stories now. That way if there are days that you are too busy or cant find the time to do a full post, you have a great BBB story to drop on us to keep the masses entertained.


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