I know, I know, save some postage for tomorrow.

I’m sorry, I don’t spend every day trying to come up with shit to post. I just post when I gots something to say. Some days it’s 3, some days it’s one.

And on the weekends, when Cassie runs me around on honeydos, it’s sometimes none. That’s how it goes.

But this is a short one, cause I just happened to see this and it made me roll with laughter.

See, when someone writes a blog post and links to my website, WordPress shows me, and I follow the link back to see what the nice person wrote.

That’s not a plug, btw. That’s just how some of you may be surprised to find I visit your site out of the blue. You linkied to me, and I saw it, and I went to go read whatever it was. And in some cases, stealth-add you to my feedreader list. :)

But Feedburner will sometimes actually show me when a website or URL just visited me. Don’t ask me why.

And I was just minding my own business, when on a whim, from something TJ said last night, I decided to go look at my Feedburner logs, something I hadn’t done in a month or so. She asked me what my numbers were, and I told her what they had been, but I just realized, I had no idea if it was still right or not.

Anyway, I go log into Feedburner, and click on ‘Unusual uses of your links’ for the heck of it, and I find this URL going to a guild forum, apparently.

And leaping at my face, I see this incredible, HILARIOUS image right in my face.

I don’t know who those guys are, but their guild name and image ROCKS!!!!


Damn that made my day.

10 Responses to “Okay, this was just too funny/awesome”
  1. NaturalChaos says:

    Haha, that is pretty awesome! I would definitely join a guild with a banner like that!

  2. smallferret says:

    Is there a problem with your “Contact” link? It keeps giving a “failed to submit” message. Help a poor druid brother out!

  3. Euripedes says:

    HK 40k. I’d play it.

  4. sheldreyn says:

    Glad you like our guild name !

    You should definitely see our guild tabard :-D

    I’ve been in HKB for a month now and definitely enjoy my time there.

  5. Dechion says:

    Absolutely full of win, thanks for the laugh this morning.

  6. Randallhero says:

    lmao thats awesome that our guild banner is getting some attention, when i first joined a few months ago and saw it for the first time i had a good lawl about it too.

  7. sheldreyn says:

    /wave randall

  8. Fabb says:

    HKB 4 life!

  9. LtWarhound says:

    Heh, always like that image. The banner is a clipped version, if you check around you can find a slightly lager one, they trimmed off the bottom 20% or so.

  10. AnotherAmpleUrsine says:

    I just hope you looked further and saw the Hello Kitty Sisters of Battle web page. There is a young lady that has painted an entire 40K army as Hello Kitty. She even puts glitter in the paint so they all sparkle on the battle field.


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