So, the music thread is paying off… big time. If you haven’t contributed your music selections, please go over there and give me some suggestions.

Just so you know, I seem to tend towards enjoying music sung by powerful female artists that put a lot of emotion into their music.

My latest love IS Flyleaf, but I can add Nemesea and Paramore to new music I’m enjoying a lot.

Basically, I’m liking this harder rock, and, I guess the screaming force behind it, but the powerful passionate female vocals are also a big plus for me.

Other music that ain’t as hardcore, stuff taht is mainstream mostly from hearing it on the radio, that I seem to love just because I love the powerful singing includes; Concrete Blonde, Heather Alexander, Republica, Kelly Clarkson (go ahead, mock me, I still love Behind these Green Eyes and Miss Independant), Madonna, Loreena McKennitt, Sarah MacLachlan, Christina Aguilera, Evanescense, Garbage, Hole (yes I do like Hole, again, send me your well deserved slams, It’s a guilty pleasure but DAMN do I like Northern Star), Nina Gordon, Scandal, Pat Benatar, Patty Smith, Pink, Tori Amos, Traci Lords (believe it or not, she did some techno stuff that was on the original motion picture soundtrack for Mortal Kombat I thought kicked ass), and as you might have guessed from Nina Gordon being on here, Veruca Salt.

And I just have to laugh, because when I answered that thread, I mentioned music I listen to that people had mentioned, and forgot to add Tool. And you noticed, and most everyone has pointed out to me since how great Tool are.

Sorry folks, it’s my fault, I should have mentioned that Tool is one of my favorite bands, and I have several CDs I’ve mixed of various Tool songs to fit different moods while driving. I really liked thier latest CD, too. I lived in SoCal, so let me ease your minds when I say that I consider Tool – Aenema to be a prayer, not a song. Learn to Swim, hehe.

Enough of all that. The point of this post wasn’t all that, it was to say… I have seen the acknowledgement of the wise as to the supremacy of da Yoopers, but clearly some of you are… unenlightened.

This shall not stand.

Therefore, I gift you with Da Yoopers, singing their classic rendition of, “The second week of deer camp”.


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14 Responses to “A little light listening music”
  1. Mark says:

    Judging by your blog, and what you like from female singers, I think you might like this Kelly Clarkson song from her latest cd, called “Hole” too. Here is a “live ” performance of it, awesome!!! Check it out :)

  2. Cay says:

    This is so not going to help your search for awesomeness… but if you ever have a chance to check out…


    My Tool/DnD channel.

    Tool and Dead Can Dance music and anything like it.


  3. Bearkat says:

    This is unrelated, but is there a macro I can use while in form to cancel, case rejuvenation, then get back into form. This would help a lot with fleeing the enemy (I just dinged 60 yesterday!) but what I am writing is getting messed up from the GC. Any help?

  4. Rob says:

    If you’re looking for butt-kicking female-fronted music you need to listen to Sarge. I got into them back in the late ’90s when I was going to school in Champaign IL, but they fell apart when their lead singer decided to ditch the Rock & Roll lifestyle and go to Law school.

    Check out “Stall”, “Beguiling”, and “Fast Girls” from their CD “The Glass Intact” (they’re on Itunes). Highly recommended, and you won’t hear them on the radio anywhere.

  5. Sean says:

    from what you said your tastes were i would highly suggest Damone. look for their newest album “out here all night” or morning wood. and of course you can’t go wrong with the donnas

  6. Kailen says:

    Female vocals (such as Flyleaf and Paramore) are quite good to listen to. I happen to actually like the ‘screaming’ type of singing more when it’s a female doing it. Still not generally my type of music, but hey, it’s damn good.

  7. Atros says:

    Hmm… I’ve found a band I really dig about a year ago that it sounds like you would be interested in. They’re an industrial rock band out of Miami called Phoenix Nebulin, headed by a Husband/Wife team. You can find out more about them from at

  8. Clapus says:

    Try Marcia Ball. She plays a lot of clubs here in N’Awlins and she rocks! She has some of her albums on I-Tunes if you want to check out some snips.

  9. Jess says:

    If you like female fronted stuff check out The Distillers, Tegan & Sara, Tsunami Bomb all are good :)

  10. Savae says:

    Check out Snake River Conspiracy if you get a chance. They’ve got a kickass remake of Lovesong that’s one of my favorites from them.

  11. tazbutane says:

    BBB, Try Sinead O’Connor, at least her early stuff was fantastic. Not even sure if she is still singing. LeAnn Rimes and the Dixie Chicks have great vocals as well, if you can listen to country.

  12. tazbutane says:

    two of my favorites, Amazing Grace by LeAnn and the National Anthem by the Chicks:

  13. Asara says:

    BBB… I liked you before, I love you now. I’m from Michigan, and seeing Da Yoopers there, well.. it brought a little tear to my eye. Huzzah, I say to you, HUZZAH!

  14. Mosshoof says:

    Another site I found via the Dubious Quality blog:


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