Earlier, I shared with you the rendition of Wreath of Fire that Dax from Musings of a Nutjob had done.

It turns out that Dax was just getting started.

The only input I have had on this project is to be a listener, as Dax decided he had an idea for a different Johnny Cash tune.

I love this song. It is beyond belief how much I love this song.

While I am putting it up on streaming player here, later tonight I will find a solid place with good bandwidth to host it for your download leasure.

Because this, ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, is a keeper.

This one I’m going to be listening to, at full blast, in my car.

I hereby present to you, the Pugging Kara Blues, lyrics and performance and everything great solelyby Dax of Musings of a Nutjob.

And let me just say, how proud I am to be in the same guild with this man. Rock on, Dax. I’ll be hunting down that other backing track you wanted. Bet on it.

Direct download is;

And the Streaming is;

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18 Responses to “Dax has created the perfect WoW song – The Pugging Kara Blues”
  1. Joel says:

    That was great! I’m looking forward to hearing more (hint, hint). :)

  2. bigbearbutt says:

    I bet if you guys ask nicely, old Daxie might just post the lyrics on his website. hint, hint.

  3. Symbiode says:

    Sent you a contact thingy about file hosting.

  4. Daxenos says:

    Hint taken….

  5. Xian says:

    love it

  6. Doodle says:


  7. Ailtia says:

    dAX…anytime you need a a guinnie pig again let me know.

  8. MooPew says:

    OMG that was WONDERFUL – had me in tears! Thank you.

  9. Mannyac says:

    OK that freakin rocked!!

  10. Waradwen says:

    Nice job, Dax!

  11. Dechion says:

    wow. just wow. that was great. nice work =)

  12. ARA says:

    AH that is TOO GOOD.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Haha 4 days pugging Kara as my first times in there was more than enough to convince me to find a guild. THANK YOU !!!!

  13. Kestrel says:

    OMG…I was THERE! Heading over to Dax’s site to lay on the praise.

  14. Ensisor says:

    That was full of win…pure and simple win.

  15. Regis says:

    Haha the previous Wreath of Fire was catchy but a bit lacking in quality, this was just made of win :P

  16. Jezrael says:

    Absolute gold! I had to link this on our forums for one of our priests who for some strange reason did a pug Kara this weekend even though we have plenty of regular guild runs. The stories he was telling us in g-chat afterwards were precisely what the song suggests.

  17. Catsclaw says:

    Love both of the songs! Looking forward to more! Honest, some hunters do know how to trap and control their agro…most of the time.

  18. Rockflint says:

    Just covered with awesome sauce! Thanks for a grand laugh!


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