Thanks be to Bellwether for letting me know that Bre and Fimlys’ latest podcast is now up for listening.

As much as I hate hearing my recorded voice, and I’m serious about that, I can’t stand listening to myself (which begs the question why I would think anyone else would want to), I am going to have to listen to it just so I know what the heck I said.

Here’s hoping that, through the magic of audio editing, Bre and Fim were able to make something resembling coherency come out of the interview.

If you have positive things to say about the podcast, please say them over at Twisted Nether. They are putting in a lot of work, a labor of love, in creating an awesome podxcast. i’m sure they’d love to hear your kind words.

All flames for horrible, wandering disjointed bears should be directed here!

11 Responses to “Twisted Nether Ep 4 now up!”
  1. Fimlys says:

    Hmm.. Audio magic it was.. :P But.. I COULD put up the original, unedited interview… I could be bribed either way… :) Who wants to start the bidding…

  2. Softi says:

    just started listening to it now :)

  3. Breana says:

    hehe…you were awesome Bear. Next time I will make sure you have a steady stream of Morgan and Coke :D

    Oh, and were is my focus macro post, eh?
    Don’t make me send Pookie at you.


    Thanks again, Bear!

  4. Mannyac says:

    I listened to your podcast. Not too shabby, at no time did I want to pull out the Breathalyzer!

    But you made one big error. You reminded me about your PBeM game!
    Soooo, now that you have become a much more skilled author, when are you going to continue the story?

  5. bigbearbutt says:

    Actually, manny, I was thinking about starting it back up and posting it on the blog Fridays. All out in the open. Start with posting the back issues, so to speak until we’re caught up, alternating tween you and james, and then doing the same with new turns.

  6. Bellwether says:


    I keep asking you if you need help with the list.

    You keep denying me.

    Stop blaming me!

    I wrote you commentary and gave you two gear sets and… T_T Why didn’t you tell me you needed more?

    I’m here to help you! For serious!

  7. Hulan says:

    Fimlys…what sort of figure did you have in mind? ;)

    BBB you were very…entertaining :D

  8. bigbearbutt says:

    Bell, I know, but you did soooo much work already, that I wanted to finish it up myself.

    Anyway, aprt 1 goes up this morning, so you will see for yourself what I been doing. :)

  9. Nasirah says:

    I only just now got around to listening to the Podcast and . . . what do you mean you don’t know any Moonkin?! I said I would help you make a gear list for WI back when I first joined the guild and you asked me about it. I know we’re a rare breed, and there are far more people wanting to know about feral and resto gear, but if you ever do want to cover that third tree, you know where to find me.

  10. Joel says:

    Since you were complaining that no-one points you to the cool stuff, I thought I’d point out these webcomics. You may have already seen them but this way I can soothe my conscience by making a token effort.

    DM of the Rings (Lord of the Rings as a D&D campaign)

    Darths and Droids (Phantom Menace as an RPG)

  11. Joel says:

    Oops, forgot to put a smiley on my comment, so here it is. :)


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