Another nice list of gear from the perspective of “get your butt to 70 and then get your Kitty DPS maxed for Wrath” came from Jacemora recently.

 Since I listed the one gear list from Think Tank the other day, I thought it would be nice to balance it a bit with this more… focused approach.

Plus, hey… I love the picture Jacemora uses for the website banner.

God, I love that mount. Screw the Spectral Tiger.


2 Responses to “A follow up about Feral Kitty Gear from Jacemora”
  1. Jacemora says:

    My banner was done by

    Thanks for the link… :)

    I still wish a Spectral Tiger card would have dropped out of one of the packs I picked up at Walmart. If I can score an Amani War Bear before Wrath it will make up for it though… just a little shy of getting that 4th timed chest.

  2. Nasirah says:

    Yeah… Squirrelz and I gotta finish that grind (for the Wintersaber). So close… yet so far…


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