I was reading a thread promising drama and coming up lacking. Way too polite. Shame on those nice, polite peoples!

And I came across a single sentence that I thought was awesome…

Sometimes, you can be reading boring tripe and just… funny!

Sparten on the Shandris server said;

Chuck Norris had sex with a semi-truck…..THAT’S how we got Optimus Prime.


Anybody see any other great one liners as they browse the forums?

I don’t expect any as great as “Officers don’t do officers like you do”, or “I don’t need Hit, I’ve got good Crit”, but I’m sure there are plenty of real gems out there.

7 Responses to “Gem from the WoW Forums”
  1. sid67 says:

    My favorite is:

    I’m Rock. Scissors are fine. Nerf Paper.

  2. Pike says:

    I don’t much read the official forums, but I seem to recall reading one once that said something like “What’s the hunter shot rotation in WotLK? …Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Wing Clip, Deterrence.” It was spoofing the fact that arena seems to be ever pervasive and it made me giggle at the time…

  3. Boojah says:

    Reading the drama over there is great fun. My favorite is “open your face, jellyfish”

  4. poPixel says:

    Nothing will ever beat “______ don’t do ______ like you do.” That was an instant classic across the blogosphere.

  5. dechion says:

    Once heard in vent, while pugging Kara.

    ShinyNew70 “This place is all haloweeney, like a funhouse!”

    BeenThereLots “Yeah, but without the fun”

    Not really a forum thing, but classic none the less.

    Best in a forum was a reply in an “I just destroyed your guild for my own gain” thread.

    “to those who rode it to the end, thank you. To those who tore it down, may all your pulls be wipes and all your rolls be ones.”

  6. Tigerfeet says:

    Said to one of those elitest jerkface types you talked about in a previous blog: “Why don’t you just go uninstall life?”

  7. Bobhain says:

    Keeping to the Chuck Norris theme; on Lothar trade channel amongst all the Krol Blade spam I saw this little gem: “If you have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, Chuck Norris has more money than you”. I know it’s not gut bustingly hilarious but, I find it funny.


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