Guess what?

Did you know bears hibernate?

Well, this one does… if by hibernate, you mean withdraw from the outside world to rest at peace, undisturbed.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

I am withdrawing from the internets, the game, and this blog starting right now and going until Sunday night.

During this time, internet peoples, you are on your own.

Try to remember to close the door on the fridge when  you’re done, turn the lights out downstairs before going to bed, and shut off the burners to the stove after you’re done cooking dinner.

And whatever you do, don’t be throwing big parties while I’m gone! We don’t want the police coming again, now DO we?

Ahhh… a vacation. How lovely.

Tired bear goes off now to forage… you are on your own.

15 Responses to “New bear talent; Hibernation!”
  1. KhyBearStare says:

    Enjoy the vaction BBB!

  2. Laisom says:

    I sure am glad I don’t work on the weekend, else I would be vair bored without you! Have a good vacation. :)

  3. stobnor says:

    Yeah! Party!

    You’ll get in trouble advertising a keg-fest on the Internet, though, B^3…

    As it’s a “significant birthday” for me on Monday, I’ll happily drink to your Vacation…

    Have fun,


  4. ratshag says:

    Has funs, Bear and Cassie! We try not ta blow the guild up while yer gone!

  5. Minnieu says:


    Party at BBB’s house…i can pick the lock!

    Its BYOB…

    Tips welcome.

  6. Bellwether says:

    Have a good vacation! Don’t worry, we’ll clean up…


  7. Stupid Mage says:

    Well, if some people would stop droppin leaves all over the place…

  8. Mama Druid says:

    Have fun in the bear cave!

  9. Elton says:

    Epic Party crits BBB’s house for 138579138579 damage.
    BBB’s house dies.

    Hope your battle rez isn’t on cooldown…

  10. Tesh says:

    Speaking of foraging, Tesh foraged for apples and found a wall of text:

    Have a great vacation, BBB!

  11. tekkub says:

    Man, with the drizzly rainy weather here today I almost spent the day in bed myself.

    Hibernation >> all

  12. Saresa says:

    Have a nice break BBB! We will try not to get into too much trouble while you are out… *ponders havoc wreaking fun*

  13. Badger says:

    … I … But … If … But … But you …


  14. rakhman says:

    This reminds me of the time “Epic Al”, our most hardcore raiding friend, announced that he was going to take a break from raiding cos it was all getting too much, and that maybe he would restart on friday or saturday. It was tuesday at the time. It goes without saying he was laughed at for weeks about it. A story which, er… *thinks* *don’t anger sleeping bears* … has no relevance here but is funny anyway.

    Does this mean I have to put up with BRK providing the funnies!?

  15. Armond says:

    Have a nice nap!


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