Since it’s getting towards the end of the day, here I am again, plugging one of the many webcomics I enjoy.

If you are having a slow afternoon, and want some witty biting evil fun in your browser, why not pop over to Partially Clips by Rob Balder.

When he’s a genius, he’s a genius.

You want originality? One man, a single image from clip art repeated three times, and a brilliant imagination.

I DARE you to try this at home.

An example of his fun? Try this one!


Edited: And one just for Cassie!


4 Responses to “Partially Awesome!”
  1. Myze says:

    If you think that’s original, you should look at Dinosaur Comics ( That guy’s been making new comics from the same six panels since February 2003.

  2. bigbearbutt says:

    Sorry for the edit… but Smurfs and psychology/brain chemistry seemed naturals for Cassie.

  3. Tesh says:

    Aye, Dinosaur Comics is insane. In a good way.

    I like this Partially Clips:

  4. toque says:

    oops, i came here to recommend dinosaur comics :D, guess i’m too late.


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