Hi folks!

I just wanted to briefly (lol, I can’t even keep a straight face saying I’m going to be brief, anymore) mention a few thoughts Cassie and I had on doing something fun for the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

I’ve called to check, and the Gamestop store that Cassie and I normally go to is holding a midnight release party on Wednesday, November 12th.

The one we go to is in Maplewood, Gamestop #531 (next to Circuit City), part of the Maplewood Mall loop, close to TGI Fridays and Buffalo Wild Wings. 

I talked to the guy there yesterday very briefly, just to kind of touch base and see if they were kind of excited about the release, and possibly open to idiots like me coming out for a meet and greet and stuff like that.

The fellow I talked to was not only really nice and cheerful, but seemed genuinely excited at having the pre-release midnight event going on.

So I’m kind of thinking it might be fun to pre-order our games (the non-CE versions) from that Gamestop, and then head on over there for the midnight release, hang out with other people excited to get their grubby little meathooks on Wrath, say hi to anyone that comes out. That kind of thing. 

I was thinking that, for fun, I could try to come up with a variation of the BBB t-shirt image just for the release, and bring a bunch of one-of-a-kind buttons to give away to people that show up there.

So, for those of you that hang out in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, anybody interested in something like that?

EDIT Added:

I know that most of you probably already pre-ordered from somewhere else. Sorry I’m so far behind the curve on this. What can I say? I still have a hard time thinking someone might want to meet me. After all, I know me. :)

18 Responses to “Midnight release meet and greet contemplated”
  1. Ishvi says:

    Discrimination against southerners! Since we can’t make it and all, so no button for us…

  2. Dechion says:

    Looks like only about a 6 hour drive for me, wonder if I could swing it…….

    Probably could, but I would likely be living in the garage when I came home =P

  3. Grover says:

    I hadn’t really thought about when I would get Wrath, but I’m in the Twin Cities and that sounds fun.

  4. Doodle says:

    Will I be able to cut off a piece of hair for my shrine? Wait… wut? ^_^

    On another, less disturbing note, I am amazed you had a good experience with GameStop. My local store is absolutely the very worst. Not only did they sell my BC Collector’s Edition out from under me, but when I pre-ordered the regular version of Lich King and got on “the list” for the CE version when it’s announced, they called me to say I had one hour to come in and sign for the new version… and when I drop what I was doing to actually go there, they said it was a mistake and they were already sold out of the CE version. I really want to support local businesses as much as possible, but I ended up saying screw it and pre-ordered the regular from Amazon and the CE from Fry’s.

    I say go for it. You may meet some fans or make new ones!

  5. bigbearbutt says:

    @Doodle… oh, ick.

    And no clippings, you might try and clone me. Without proper containment procedures, the spontaneous cthulhuoid tentacle growth gets out of control. We learned our lesson last time. We were just fortunate that NEST team was in the area on manuevers.

    As far as an experience, Gamestop is a store to buy video game stuffs. The corporate masters may be mean and evil or something, but the guys (and gals) that operate this particular store have always seemed like your normal gamer type folks, you know?

    Sure, you call and they have to push the pre-orders, and stuff, and Game Informer magazine and the membership when you come in, but that’s not their fault.

    And truth to tell, I used to subscribe to a LOT of gaming magazines, and Cassie and I both enjoyed the reviews in GI the most. So it wasn’t that hard a sell.

    If someone knows of another video game store planning a pre-release in the North Saint Paul/Maplewood/White Bear Lake area, by all means let me know. I’m still in the “would people even care” stage of planning.

  6. CP says:

    I haven’t preordered the game yet….hmmmmm maybe I’ll do it there. I’m just glad to find out I’m not the only one in MN that plays this silly addicting game.

  7. bigbearbutt says:

    Let me be clear that I ain’t saying anyone has to either pre-order the game somewhere, or even buy it.

    I guess it’d be silly to show up at a midnight pre-release during a weeknight if you ain’t bought it there, but anyone that wanted to come by would be welcome, if you pre-ordered by Amazon or whatever.

    Maybe if I’m lucky I can make a big enough deal out of it, that Cassie would let me go at 10 so I could have time to chat, drink some beer and eat some wings. :)

    Damn, it’s a good thing there is a lot of time left. That’s a lot of kissing up to do between now and then.

  8. Avonar says:

    LOL I wish people were crazy enough to do this in Holland. :) Guess I’ll just have to wait for the mailman to drop mine into my mailbox then go enjoy the next week off with fellow insane guildies from around Europe. :P

  9. Awlbiste says:

    Too bad I’m in Duluth and far too lazy to drive 3 hours.

  10. Stupid Mage says:

    Even if you’re closer then BRK, you’re still way too damn far away. If I didn’t live in Hawaii I would seriously be there.

  11. Kagrra says:

    @Doodle: Hey that’s what GameStop did to me, too. Myself, my husband, and my brother all preordered the CE and then they just gave the preorder to someone else… We were thinking about preordering from Fry’s, too, but we can’t really dish out the money right now. :(

    But yay for you getting it!

  12. Wulfa says:

    Yer too modest 3B. If we weren’t moving to another state I’d drag Damm and the Orclette up to that area-I love release parties. It would be worth it to meet Cassie and Alex :P

  13. Lenaiya says:

    Hey Awlbiste! I have a friend on the Earthen Ring server who lives in Duluth – you aren’t the only one up there that plays. =P

  14. Xathras says:

    I’d be down with that. I’m in Burnsville but have yet to preorder wrath. A bit of a drive doesn’t bother me.

  15. Kelathos says:

    I’m over in Rockford, near Buffalo with quite a few people who are WoW players and are totally fricken psyced for Wrath to come out. I am probably just gonna get the regular edition or something. And Buffalo Wild Wings sounds epic.

  16. Practice says:

    How about a post-launch European tour so us bears on the other side of the pond can get to meet you too?

  17. Natty says:

    HA! I had no clue you were another Minnesotan. Maplewood may be too far for us “city folk” to venture, but the idea of meeting other WoW addicts is tempting. ;-)

    And hey, I just got my 2nd druid up to 70, feral this time (last one was resto and alliance, silly me) in time for Wrath.

  18. johnnybeluck says:

    yall honkeys is drunk


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