Cassie checked the mail this morning while I was installing some software, and came into my office with a bundle in her hands.

“It looks like Manny sent you a package. Feels like a T-shirt.”


“That’s wierd, he didn’t say anything the other night when we chatted…. the hell he be sending me stuff?”

I open the package, and instead of a T-shirt, I gots… well, you check it out.


The attached note said;

“Hey John,

Thought you could use something comfortable in the way of late night tanking attire. I realise it’s not even a green, but….



Thanks buddy…. I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t take any pics showing how it looks. “You just let your mind run riot, mate.”

10 Responses to “It’s good to have friends!”
  1. Ghuul says:

    Ha ha! How cute! Do you happen to know where he got those?

  2. Isisxotic says:

    That’s hilarious!!

  3. Veronica says:

    That is awesome xD!

  4. Mannyac says:

    Glad you like it!! Cracked me up when I saw it.

    Ghuul: I bought it in a little shop in Banner Elk, NC. called Cabin Fever.

  5. Hanhar says:

    That is great. wish I lived anywhere near you for that release party.

  6. Cynra says:

    Exceedingly amusing! I’m trying to think of a similar-type item that I could get for a Retribution friend of mine who has been a little down in the dumps lately.

  7. Pike says:

    Ha! That’s epic.

  8. Ursiheil says:

    Cynra: You could always try to make a design for the cafepress store… much like BBB did for I tank with my face.

    Get a cafepress design with something cute like “This Smite’s for you!” or “I heal with my hammer (axe/sword/whatever pali weapon)”, or “Consecrate This!”

    Agreed, Epic loot there, BBB… potentially better then Clefthide Leg armor

  9. Heather says:

    Those are adorable!!!!

  10. Angel says:

    hey those are cool, you have a link for the store to buy a pair? lol I love them
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