I’ll start working on some planning stuff, but just fyi, I will plan on being at the midnight release event at Gamestop in Maplewood, MN, next to the Circuit City, from 10PM to midnight.

I hope to see you there!

4 Responses to “Okay, release party is on”
  1. Tesh says:

    If I weren’t a couple thousand miles away, I’d come. Heck, I don’t even plan on buying the durn game, but I’d like to swing by to say howdy. Um… does that language mean that I’m indicating my western-states location?

    Have a great time, BBB!

  2. Greylady says:

    Have fun, I’ll have mine the same day, but thanks Amazon.com, it’ll come by courier not tired body at a software store. I’ll raise a cup of coffee in your name that day :).

  3. Ursiheil says:

    Hrmmm… very tempting… I may have to take a 4 day weekend that week… and it would be interesting to network with other gamers.

    I’ll see if I can swing it.

  4. Teaspoon83 says:

    Hey, didn’t know you lived in the Twin Cities. If I can’t find anything closer to home, I might just head out that way for that midnight release. Have 5 days of Wow planned that weekend and its gonna be sweet!


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