This should be front page news, dangit!

If you are a current max level Alchemist, you can go to the Master Alchemy Trainer in Hellfire Peninsula for your faction, and train the Mixology ability, which increases the benefit you get from Elixirs and Flasks that you can make… and not only does it increase benefit around 25% like WoW Insider says, but in the Beta it was also doubling effect durations!

C’mon… I know a LOT of max level Alchemists… and I had NOT heard this was in the game until I read WoW Insider this morning.

Oh, and a previous commenter was darn right… Lifeblood, from Herbalism, IS NOT on the global cooldown. Pop that sucker whenever you want, add it to emergency macros, whatever. Rock it up.

12 Responses to “Alchemists can train Mixology? WTF?”
  1. Crashandburn says:

    I missed that in the sea of patch notes as well. I’m interested that you have to train it rather it being a passive thing like the gathering buffs were.

    Now where’s my buff for having a 375 leatherworker… ;)

  2. Thrush says:

    I too have a max level alchemist and just learned that this morning from WoW Insider. A friend of mine who has Alchemy mentioned the ability a few days ago and i was wondering why I didnt have it. Now I know.

  3. Thalium says:

    You don’t need to be max level. My alchemist is 350-some skill and she trained it just fine last night.

  4. ARA says:

    OMG I wish they would tell us these thing in the patch notes.

    Haha, its kind of a moot point, since I dont use elixirs atm – the content is way too easy… but still! New toys are always fun to play with. Thanks for telling us BBB.

    Yeah lifeblood is awesome. I pretty much get a full heal popping surivial instincts, frenzied regen + lifeblood at the same time.

  5. Braveship says:

    BBB —

    I was playing around on one of my daughter’s toons (Level 15 mage), trying to do some levelling for her, and was able to train the Mixology ability. I think her Alchemy is only at around 100 or so — definitely nowhere near max level — so just confirming Thalium’s observation above.

  6. Xylch says:

    yea, I found this out from WoW Insider as well. I tested it out last night, made a Flask of Chromatic Thought (or something like that), and instead of lasting the normal 2 hours, it lasted 4, in addition to giving me alittle more stats and resists.

  7. Abies says:

    Just another info regarding Lifeblood: It works in forms! Yet another emergency button for us bear tanks ^^
    Of course it doesn’t heal for much, but as it is off the GCD it doesn’t hurt to use it, either.

  8. Doodle says:

    Um… four hours of a “Flask of Supreme Power” w/+93 Spellpower? *faints*

  9. Valyre says:

    I don’t know why WI thinks you have to run out to Hellfire. Walk to the trainer in Shatt. End of Story. :)

    This doesn’t work for potions, though. Only elixirs and Flasks that YOU can make.

  10. Garumoo says:

    FWIW, I also found the mixology skill on offer from the lowbie trainer in Eversong Woods. I also found rank 1 of Steady Shot available from the hunter trainer (even though I already had rank 2 of Steady Shot learned .. a side effect of changing it from a talent to a trainer skill I guess)

  11. They’ll not let the LifeBlood remain so cool – I expect a change coming to adjust it. Although considering mining have a free Stam buff, maybe its not so over-powered?

  12. Sarai says:

    Just FYI, mixology is taught @ skill level 50, I believe, so all you lowbie alchies can have your elixir fun early! :)


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