…with a title that just about banned it from the blog.

But I’m going to take a chance on it, and leave you with a warning that the title is inappropriate, but the subject matter is hilarious…

I’m thinking of respeccing elemental after watching this…

16 Responses to “A wonderful little movie…”
  1. Melpo says:

    I was watching Project Lore the other day and saw them using this. My first thought was of PvP…..this could be so fun. I imagine it would be crazy in northrend on a PvP server too. Lots of tall cliffs there.

  2. Christopher says:

    And they’re nerfing the hell out of paladins for being ridiculous in PvP? What is wrong with this picture!

  3. Beathooven says:

    For once I’m glad I play a hunter. Ranged dps ftw.
    Also. Bring on the Rhino!

  4. ARA says:

    Ha that was funny but whats the catch? Doesnt seem fair that a single button click that takes so skill is so powerful for pvp. Thats why retardadins got rebalanced.

  5. rakhman says:

    There is a 45 second cooldown on Thunderstorm, and the 5% mana return is not much use in PvE for a max tier talent. Still, looks like the PvP applications might be… amusing *evil grin*

  6. Swiped says:

    I’ve found a use for this in PvE when i get swamped by mobs i just hit them with this they get pushed back and i get time to hit them with chain lightning or any other spell with casting time….

  7. Stealthfire says:

    I hope this gets nerfed to the ground. How is this considered fair? Maybe have it give a debuff to the target that prevents them from taking fall damage for 5 seconds or w/e. Sure, it’ll be misused…but I’d rather have that than shamans/mages/boomkins killing 10 people with 1 button click.

  8. Andrige says:

    It’s honestly a 1-hit kill during the right circumstances with a 45sec cooldown in BGs and an AoE.
    Well quite fun movie anyway.

  9. duniness says:

    I knew my baby Sham chose correctly in going down the elemental tree. :)

  10. Melpo says:

    I think we have to remember that this is going to be limited in use for a bit. It’s really only going to be effective in AV at the bridge, and a few other places in EoTS. Otherwise, it’s just a normal knockback. To combat it, you just need to be aware there’s a shammy around and nuke them with ranged. then proceed across the bridge.

  11. Thunderpaw says:

    Guess I’d just need to be quick on the Feral Charge button. :D

  12. Itok says:

    I am one of two MT in our guild. The other one has an elemental Shammy. We tend to get a laugh out of pulling off moves that would piss the tank off. IE i pounce and stun so he gets no rage. Well he got the last laugh as he continually knocks the mobs away from me causing me to run after them. So i guess if you have a tank you want to tease or frustrate its a good thing. Oh and perhaps the horde will learn not to fight on the damn bridge anymore.


  13. Prenna says:

    OMG, this is aptly named, however inappropriate the title is.

    I don’t mind that Elem Shammys get this wonderful little talent. EACH class has some wonderful stuff coming up (for the most part) and EACH class has to learn how to defeat the elite moves of the other classes. I would suggest, rather than asking Blizz to nerf something; you learn your own awesomeness within your own class vs the others.

    I will say howver, ranged for the WIN!

  14. Lazaros of Llane says:

    It’s highly situational in easy kill uses like this. Typically, an Ele shaman in PvP, once targeted, is toast. (I know I spend more time dead than alive, but I’m no great shakes at PvP to begin with.) With a 45 second cooldown, it tends to make it even more dicey, since once you use it, everyone changes focus.

    As Itok said above, I like using it to play with my tanks, notably a Prot Pally friend of mine. He thanks me for it by rezzing me last.

  15. Yggdrasil says:

    Druids have a similar ability in the Balance tree, Typhoon. I honestly have somehow not had the fortune to play alongside any Elemental Shamans as of late. Almost all are apparently Resto, with a few Enhancement. I don’t PvP, though.

  16. Pandamonium says:

    Haha thats my video :P

    ThunderF*ck Part 2 is out now. alot better to be honest!
    heres the link!


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