I just wanted to let you folks, and Manny, know that there will be a PBeM post today, but it’s not going to be later… like, say, around 5 PM Central time.

I have to go shopping for presents for Alex now, but when I get back I’ll return to it.

See you later!

9 Responses to “PBeM post delayed til laters”
  1. Mannyac says:

    Cool, have fun shoppin.

  2. Orbitz says:

    Enjoy shopping! I’ll be doing mines tomorrow…


  3. Mannyac says:

    Damn, my watch must be way off

  4. bigbearbutt says:

    Hey, no, your watch is fine…

    We’re dealing with some flight plan issues, and my car has massive repair work needed, and we’ve been working on different plans.

    I have a post written and saved, but it’s NOT finished, and I have played WoW to chill over stress the last day, rather than finish writing it.


    Hey! Anyone want to buy a shirt to help me figure out where to come up with $1000 three weeks before Christmas to have my cars’ Water Pump and Intake Manifold Gasket replaced?

    Yay, credit cards. damnit.

  5. Mannyac says:

    No worries, wish I could help!

  6. Mannyac says:

    No rule says you gotta wait til next Friday though

  7. bigbearbutt says:

    No, that’s true… I’m very excited about the next part I need to write up, because it provides a wonderful opportunity to mess with you.

  8. Thaumaturgos says:

    I’d hit up BRK. Wth all the shirts he has now sold he ought to be able to buy you a whole new car. ;-)

  9. Mannyac says:

    You know I live for those moments…lol


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