See, now Mannyac is that friend… you know the one I mean.

The friend that sends you funny videos, web jokes, memes…

Everyone’s got one.

In my case, I’m fortunate, because he only sends me GOOD stuff, and so I don’t get something every day, but when it comes, I know it’s gonna be worth it.

Take this little video. Manny actually sent me the raw .WMV file, but I found it on Youtube to share with you quick enough.

This video… this video pretty much says it all. At the end, I wanted to cheer.

Thanks Manny!

13 Responses to “As seen on Mannyac TV take TWO!!”
  1. Talisker says:

    It’s nice to see the term “one shot” has real world applications.

  2. Thaumaturgos says:

    Obviously a set-up, but still very funny. lol

  3. Bambislayer says:

    Obviously a Retadin pre nerf :D

  4. Bigheart says:

    Not to burst bubbles but it’s from a movie. Still funny as hell though.

  5. Ellery says:

    Its from the movie “Never back down”

  6. Shiro says:

    He just got supermanned.

  7. Erthshade says:

    Was anyone else reminded of that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark?

  8. Valantine says:

    For those of you having a chuckle at this, it IS a set-up as Thaumaturgos suggests.
    Mainly because its an excerpt from the recently released film ‘Never Back Down’ – this scene features several fights of this nature as its pretty much what it is about. Fun to watch – this is somewhere near the end, last 20 miutes or so.

  9. Stobnor says:

    “This video has been removed” now… Bugger…

  10. Mannyac says:

    Ya know if I had realized that you were going to spend all that time watching the videos I sent, instead of working on the PBEM… j/k

  11. Tigersoul says:

    Many people say that was a production shot from Never Back Down.
    Here you can compare the finished at about a minute in:

    Looks like it to me!

  12. Brierley says:

    This may be a “fixed” fight, but I have seen real fights where some idiot watched too many movies and posed while the guy who just wanted it to be over finished the fight very quickly once the opponent got within feet or hand range.

    Personally I liked the scene becasue it cut through the decorative BS to the actual fight. I do wish the referee guy though had worn a belt, plumber crack is never attractive.

    I am a little disappointed though in how it represented Capoeira. Most practitioners would not be that flashy in a real fight, only if it was an exhibition.

  13. Jive says:

    Haha, I wondered what you meant by wanting to cheer.. and then I saw it and laughed.

    Hey, btw – I sent off an email to the address. It’s late, I know, but when you get a spare moment dig for it and tell me what you think? Viva la nerd meetups!


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