Courtesy of the Mannyac, here is a video he shared with me of one of the oldest Navy jokes around…

And well acted, I must say.

And no, I don’t care where he found it, it’s enough for me that it’s pretty cute.

7 Responses to “In the Navy….”
  1. Lassirra says:

    LOL! Always loved that joke. Great video!

  2. Hulan says:

    Ha ha! That joke never wears thin :D

  3. Tesh says:

    Ah, I love it. :D Thanks!

  4. Charn says:

    Once again.. i miss the military. Nothing like a bunch of bad asses with nothing to beat up lol.

  5. Calli says:

    Must resist… urge to.. be.. pedantic….. aaargh!

    Ok, Isn’t it strange that the USS Montana looks an awful lot like a British Sheffield Class Type 42 Destroyer? Having served on three of them, they aren’t hard to recognise.

    /pedant mode

    Hilarious clip as always, of course :)

  6. Opalassa says:

    LOL! Too funny! My Marine Corps husband got an especially good giggle out of it.

  7. Daniel says:

    LOL. Thanks for sharing the clip!



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