Yes, I know this is going up the evening before.

I promise you, that there will still be a touch of Guinness flowing through my veins as midnight passes to the 17th.

In the meantime…

Allow me the priviledge of introducing you to a local band here in Minneapolis/Saint Paul, The Tim Malloys.

These guys are the real deal, an awesome band that plays locally, and I am proud to have all their albums. And a hat. And a shirt that doesn’t fit, damnit.

I think listening to Neal on this track makes it pretty clear why I love these guys so.

The Mannyac and I spent my Bachelor’s Eve party with these guys years gone by… and we sat and chatted in between sets. A fine old time was had by me, that I’m sure they forgot by the next day, but that I’ll always remember fondly.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all, my friends, no matter where you may be.
I shall hoist a few wee Guinness, in remembrance of thee.
Should your travels take you far from home, and the way be dark with gloom,
Still you know I’ll be right here, waiting patiently for you.


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Okay, I can’t just leave it at that. So one other Tim Malloys song, aye? And if ye be local to the Twin Cities… go see them, and tell them the Big Bear Butt sent ya!

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8 Responses to “A Happy Saint Patricks day to all!”
  1. Mannyac says:

    Hey Bear,
    Happy St. Pats Day. Wish we could share some Morgan’s, cigars and Drunken Malloys!!!

  2. Lan'dorien says:

    Wow those guys are awesome. I need more Irish in my tune collection :)

  3. Viktel says:

    Erin go Braaagh!

  4. Flawlless says:

    They need to get on the Spotify..

  5. Deeko says:

    have a good 1 big!!!! :) ive just started my day in england and its going to be a bute the tunes were just the thing to get in the mood . ive got to dust off the cranberries cd and drag the wife to the pub !!!!!

  6. Graimerin says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day 3B. Hoist a bit of the Irish Holy water for me kind sir. My favorite St. Padys day toast ” May the walls fall down around us before our friendship falls apart.” Be safe all and have fun but please lets all have smiling Irish eyes tomorow.

  7. Bellwether says:

    Happy Wear Green or Fight People Off Day!

  8. Pookie says:

    Happy St. Patty’s! Its always nice to see the managers at my work in pale green shirts sitting around the conference table. Its hard for me to take men seriously in mint. It makes me think of icecream, which makes me want icecream…icecream.


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