Fimlys, the brilliant gem behind Asleep at the WoW (oh yeah, and that damn blogcast thing too) just started another meme.

I haven’t even done the last meme yet, and here we go again.

But you know what? I just saw something that inspired the hell out of me.

Oh hell yeah, Fimlys, I’ve got your WoW Ku right here.


He told us farewell
We mourned the great one’s passing
Top Secret WTF?

Resonate with anyone else?

Okay, it’s supposed to be class oriented, I know.


Ahem. AHEM ahem.

Shadows wrap about me
Prey comes, claws shine as I pounce! 
Oh shit, Elite, GO BEAR!!!

Now, I want to spread the joy just as Fimlys did, so who’s next…

Ah, I know!

Secret Agent Cat (of course)
Pike at Aspect of the Hare
The inevitable Ratters (but only if Maurice does it, I can’t get enough Maurice)
Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh fame
Moondancer over at Gaming Diva
And finally Kattrinsaa at A Moonkins View of Azeroth

Have fun, my friends.

I would have asked quite a few others, but I know that they will get tagged too… and Krizzlybear already posted his in the comments of Fimly’s post. Goofball.

12 Responses to “I have a WoW Ku for you, Fimlys!”
  1. Fimlys says:

    Thanks Bear! Sorry.. I didn’t mean to start things up just after the other one.. I was inspired though.. :P So were you, I guess …

    This one was easier than coming up with 10 honest things about yourself though.. At least I thought so.

  2. Gunsnbutter says:

    ROFL. OK. I like both of them but the second one… struck a cord. The other day I was leveling an alt (go figure) and saw a mob that I did not recognize but I was talking on Vent so I sent my pet (it’s another hunter….go figure) after it. For some reason it was taking a long time to die and was really hurting my pet, which was unusual. I stopped talking on Vent for a min and actually looked at the mob and realized I had attacked a rare elite. I won but your second one reminded me of that….esp the go bear part!

    Gunsnbutter/Cerdwyn on Uther

  3. Gribbs says:

    *cough* I’m going to assume you are aware of the date, and of the historical significance of the ‘deadline’ of midday to matters involving said date, right?

    Gosh I’m paranoid XD

  4. Pike says:

    If Ratters writes one I demand it be Galertruby.

    “Graggh ahaggl glarh gha
    Gagglha gahahgglh agrarhag
    Gralgha glah agghagla”

  5. plainsrunner says:

    I guess I should make one for my new spec (sigh, I miss my feral…cant wait for dual spec to come)

    there goes wrath
    sweet lord, I eclipsed on first shot
    Omen be damned

    dedicated to my tanks who have had to deal with me learning dps for the first time (high aggro dps).
    Anyone who has never played a moonkin, first shot procs causing 4-5 back to back 10,000+ crits tends to be rough on aggro even at -30%

  6. Thibbledorf says:

    Yeah B3 it resonated with me….I sent the e-mail…..couldn’t stop myself.

    “I am a Hunter, I shoot things, you want something Kited go fly it yerself”

    Thibbledorf – Echo Isles

  7. Kattrinsaa says:

    I posted one on my site, oh Pike.. /grin I tagged you on it.

  8. Kattrinsaa says:

    doh! just noticed BBB already tagged you..

  9. Tigerfeet says:


    BBB, you can’t count!

    It’s ok, one too many tanks to the face ;)

  10. Longasc says:

    Haikus… never understood them. Too vague. Sorry. :)

  11. Moondancer says:

    Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve done this sort of thing? ;-)
    Anyway, I finally posted mine. It came to me as I was driving. I was picking up my daughter from school. :-)

  12. Running Elk says:

    You have been a great inspiration to me, bearbutt… (haikus notwithstanding)

    I have tagged you on my blog. Check it out at



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