As of now, every entry in my inbox has been properly filed, and the contest is closed.

I had a much stronger turnout that expected, and each and every entry was of exceedingly amazing quality. There are a LOT of excellent writers out there amongst you, and to be honest I didn’t expect to only get great entries. I had thought that at least a few of you would have tossed in a lame entry. No such thing occured, they are great one and all.

Which is a big pain in the butt, since they are so well done and imaginative. It’s gonna take me a bit longer than I expected to read through them all, and take notes, and compare with Cassie, and make the final decision.

Sooo….. it’s probably going to be late Friday afternoon/evening before we announce the winners. Sorry about that.

Still…. great job to everyone that submitted an entry. Just amazing. You folks are amazing.

I’ll be back with your update Friday!

3 Responses to “Contest is closed… thank you for your entries!”
  1. Kayeri says:

    Glad you got it… I was a bit worried, I admit to a little fingernail chewing on this end… I also had to send it without my 2nd editor’s input.. :) I had to be a big girl and stand on my own two feet… lol

    I know I’m looking forward to reading them! I love to see what people can imagine. If they are all great, too bad we cant read them all, too! :)

  2. kraggette says:

    XD gluck on rifling through all that, and I hope youll put the winners where we can all read them, minus personal info of course.

  3. darksend says:

    Lies, my entry was absolutely hideous.

    GL on picking winners I cannot imagine what your inbox looks like.


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