taurenz31Back by popular demand, is a picture one of my delightful readers sent in many moons ago.

I say popular demand, because believe me, Lady Jess and Algenon were just begging for it.


8 Responses to “Why feral druids don’t get heals”
  1. Lady Jess says:

    ROFL! Ya know, you’re sposed to do that IN the woods, not ON the woods!

  2. plainsrunner says:

    If only we Tauren Ferals looked that good… great pic!

  3. Matunnos - a tree says:


  4. Kemonojin says:

    I had a macro set up for a bit that said ‘/me sharpens his claws on (tree druid friend)’s butt’…

  5. Flirtaisa says:

    I think I have everyones name carved into my tree trunk from my guild Im starting to run out of space…lol :P

  6. monkeytree says:

    Er, cats don’t do that. lol
    Still funny though ;)

    I like the idea of that macro Kimonojin

  7. Suxxy says:

    Druid’s shouldn’t compete, we should work together; like

  8. Suxxy says:

    (my http sux cut and paste the link)



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