Last Friday, Fimlys and Nibuca, hosts of the Twisted Nether blogcast, had a live round table discussion, and invited several bloggers along for the ride.

We had a good time, at least I think we did, chatting live with each other and with the audience of crazy folks.

If you missed it, or even if you were there and just wondered how much of what you heard made it past Fimlys’ editing scissors, the podcast is available for download and your listening pleasure.


3 Responses to “Hey, the Twisted Nether show is up!”
  1. Delerius says:

    I loved the show, and I love your blog. I found it just last week and I’m enjoying it immensely. As an up and coming druid (lvl 52 atm) that wants to tank I want to thank you for everything you post here.

    Btw, you seriously sound like a bear =)

  2. Rowtan says:

    “Btw, you seriously sound like a bear =)”

    LOL … I just came on to say that :)

  3. bigbearbutt says:

    I know, they have these damn truth in advertising laws these days…


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