Seriously, this is the absolute win!

You’ve got to just love this post by Rolling Hots… Cassie and I enlarged the image and just giggled. Pure win.


4 Responses to “Rolling Hawts for the win!”
  1. Sylly says:

    lol BBB! Glad you guys giggled, too. Seriously… the beak… wtf???? lol! and the G.I. Joe Utility pouch… those shoulders are like GI Joe drove home drunk from an S & M Ball and crashed into a hood ornament. They seem to lack a) coherence, b) cohesion, c) any shred of anything that might make someone want to sport them about through a full tier of content. Be sure to head back to the site if you get a chance, as the horde version is up, as well. =)

  2. Kemonojin says:

    And they want us to be in caster form more often so we can see our ‘cool’ armor. 9_9

    Have to admit, though, it’s not as bad as the hunter t6. All those moving eyeballs all over the place…

  3. Shamagran says:


    Just Looks Soooooo.. ummm… errr.. Designed by a 12yr old maybe?
    Certainly noone with fashion sense.. lol

  4. Phaedra says:

    Thank goodness I spend most of my time in form…


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