3 thoughts on “New podcast for your listening… oh, who am I kidding

  1. Quit putting your podcast down. (Even if it is jokingly.) I, for one, find it extremely enjoyable, and I find the personalities of you, Bre, and the others such that I wish that I could actually play the game with you. I listen to a few WoW podcasts, and enjoy them, but that’s something that I can say about very few. :)

    The fun, laid-back atmosphere is perfect. Like I told Bre in an e-mail a little while back, it’s like listening to a bunch of buddies just talking about the game. Whatever you’re doing, and however often you put episodes out, don’t stop.

    I look forward to the next one. :)


  2. Is there a known issue with the download through Itunes? I’ve been trying to download the latest episode for two days, and I keep getting an error that says “The download was interrupted, press get to finish the download” and I try that, and it restarts, but the same thing happens. Is anyone else having this issue, and if so, is there anything I can do to get around it? I’d REALLY like to listen to the episode!

    Thanks for all your hard work 3B!


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