Azriaga, just tonight you were telling us in guild chat about that darn raccoon that smashed your little Scion all to shreds, totalled your bumper, took out your A/C, and all sorts of other mayhem.

Well, a lot of us in the guild couldn’t figure out how a little raccoon could do so much damage to your car.

I found out!

I’d help you get even, but I think we’ll need to form a raid to take him on. He looks mean.


7 Responses to “Azriaga, I found the culprit!”
  1. bigbearbutt says:

    P.S. The game? Earth Eternal free (microtransaction) MMORPG. Just fyi. It’s cute! I made my own big bear butt thats… well, a big bear. With a big butt. And it let me use the word butt as my last name!

    Sadly, my big bear butt in Earth Eternal is a knight wearing plate armor. So I do have at least one bear that does wear plate. But what the heck.

    Yes, this is how silly I get when I get home from work on Sunday night at 10 PM. Okay, off to bed.

  2. Azriaga says:

    Yeah, that looks like him. Don’t worry about getting even, he landed a pretty nasty crit on me, but I two-shotted him with the assistance of the guard-rail, so I’ll just call it a wash.

  3. BlackDragon says:

    That raid boss looks mean – just look at those buff chest and muscular arm! I bet he could Cleave just as well as Saurfang. A 40-man raid could theorethically take him down, but only if 55% of it are healers. And the tanks’ health, dodge rating and defense rating should be capped, otherwise they won’t be able to hold him off.

    What do you mean, he’s a level 1 raid boss? Don’t judge a mob by its level, mate!
    .-= BlackDragon´s last blog ..Of a Hectic Weekend =-.

  4. Rijy says:

    HA, BBB! First thing I did upon discovering that game was make a bear rogue.

    It’s kinda cute, and a good distraction until I get through the trials of working retail during the holidays and can play WoW consistently again.

  5. Kattrinsaa says:

    heroic trials of working retail?
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..A Baby Boomkin is Born =-.

  6. Kaelynn says:

    Apparently I should have stayed on a little longer – looks like I missed some epic Sidhe Devils silliness. Glad to hear that Azriaga was able to finish off that nasty racoon :)
    .-= Kaelynn´s last blog ..Tomorrow, Tomorrow! =-.


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