Today the Bear is a year older (and a year grumpier?).

I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday and that I’m thinking of him while he’s stuck at work today (with another hell day scheduled before he even got there this morning).

Love you dear!


43 Responses to “Bear Gains +1 to Age Stat Today”
  1. Chaninn says:

    Happy Birthday BBB!!!

  2. Kotur says:


  3. Maerdred says:

    Thirty-one, right Bear?

    Happy Birthday, friend.
    .-= Maerdred´s last blog ..Tree is for TANK! =-.

  4. Chawa says:

    Awww! He’s a Christmas Bear? Well that explains it!
    Cheers to Cassie! And cheers to da Bear!! Hip Hip! Hooray!

  5. Joe says:

    just think, +30 or +40 more to Age stat and you can equip some adult diapers! I hear they make your faerie fire really pungent!
    Happy Birthday! LOL

  6. Naturalregis says:

    Happy Birthday, BBB! Hope your day is freakin’ awesome!

    (Although I can sympathize with a b-day a tad too close to Christmas. :P)

    Cheers, mate!
    .-= Naturalregis´s last blog ..Whoops – sorry! =-.

  7. Æschere says:

    Happy Birthday BBB! Make it one to remeber always!

  8. Swish says:

    Gratz Happy Birthday.

    kinda weird. My B-day is 12/31 and I too am a Bear Tank.

    Something about Capricorns playing bears Hmmmm!

  9. Drudesa says:

    Happy Birthday

  10. Melpo says:

    Have a Happy!

  11. Morphster of Aggramar says:

    Feliz Cupleaños!

  12. Will says:

    The happiest of birthdays to you, sir. :)

  13. Barryhn says:

    happy birthday bear :)

    and merry christmas while i’m at it ^.^

  14. Kattrinsaa says:

    Happy birthday bear, [swipe] you some cake. it is not a lie.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Some cult classic B monster movies =-.

  15. Dave says:

    Happy Birthday! May your bear butt get grayer and bigger every year :o)

  16. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I sent BBB an email yesterday, not sure if it made it through spam filters even though I followed directions. I was hoping one of you could take a quick minute to read my hubsand’s latest blog post and comment. He has a cool blog called “The Bear in the Purple Hat” but he has very few readers and he thinks you guys are awesome (as do I). He’s buying me an IPod Touch for Christmas and putting me a terrible gift inequity situation so I’m trying to round a few people to read and comment on his latest blog entry. He’s worked really hard on it.

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy Birthday BBB! :)
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Patchy Thinking =-.

  17. Copey says:

    Happy quadruple “B” Day!

  18. Fantastik says:

    It’s my birthday too, yeah!

  19. Kaethir says:

    happy b-day and merry christmas!
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..Merry Christmas! =-.

  20. Andy C. says:

    Happy Birthday BBB (and Fantastik)!

  21. Pacheco says:

    Yay Happy Birthday! I hope there is cake! :)

  22. Thromanan says:

    BBB as some one who shares the same Dec 23rd birthday, here’s hoping its a good one for you. (and that you dont get shorted on the bday gift. “one big Christmas gift instead”, my heiney)

  23. twww says:

    Many happy returns of the day BBB!!

  24. Triz says:

    Happy Birthday, BBB!

  25. Soupe says:

    Happy Birthday, BBB!!!
    and Happy Holidays to you and the family!

  26. Tesh says:

    Happy Birthday, BBB! ‘Tis a good time of year. :)
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..An Ownership Society =-.

  27. Steevee says:

    Gratz on the *ding*!!

  28. Myrx says:

    It’s a fine thing indeed to remember
    that the Bear gained a year in December.
    Let’s put on party hats,
    and buff up those stats,
    and go prowling for mobs to dismember!

    Happy Birthday, BBB!

  29. Tielyn Pawtucking says:

    Happy Bearday!


  30. Ancasta says:

    Happy Birthday, BBB!

  31. Bigguss says:

    Happy Birthday my good man!
    .-= Bigguss´s last blog ..Bigguss: @OrtisDeley Just been to Tesco and that was heaving too. =-.

  32. Tufva says:

    Happy Birthday Bear!!

  33. Happy Birthday, hope you get to enjoy your day after a nice day at work. I’ll be clock watching till I get to leave today!
    .-= ZombiePirateXXX´s last blog ..Merry Christmas =-.

  34. Rahl says:

    grz bear!
    Its my bday too 8)

  35. Rijy says:

    Happy Bear-thday!

  36. Bar says:

    Wow, another 12/31 bear here too. Grats bbb !

  37. Redauroa says:

    Happy Birthday to you!!! Well a day late.

  38. bigbearbutt says:

    Thank you, thank you very much, everyone. It means more than you’ll eve know to receive so many good wishes. :)

    Yes, I’m a Christmas Bear. And I had the most wonderfullest present ever! I had bacon for dinner!

    We don’t actually exchange birthday gifts, Cassie and I. Instead, we take the other out for a nice fancy dinner, where we don’t quibble about the cost for that one night. We’re going to go out Sunday for mine, probably. I don’t have any particular place in mind, I just want some damn fine ribs. No idea where yet, maybe Chilis or Famous Daves.

    I did also have another present. A reader sent in a hand drawn picture of a bearform bear chewing up a sword and standing over the remains of a battle. Very cool, I’m going to post it up once I get her permission.

    It’s the personal touches that warm the heart.

    Well, and bacon.

  39. bigbearbutt says:

    Oh, and Kattrinsaa, the cake IS a lie.

    I got brownies instead :)

  40. Danvangogh says:

    Hey i just wanted to wish you a happy B-Day and happy H-days. I love your blog! I just started a wow blog myself and would love to hear any feed back from you. i’m at

    Its kinda crappy right now i know, I dont know anything about formating blogs, but i would feel WAY important if I had feed back from

    keep up the writing!

  41. Bhal says:

    Hey Happy B-Day Bear.

  42. Gnomeaggedon says:

    Happy Bearlated Bearday!
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..All I want for Christmas is a Gnome Shaman =-.


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