Damn the man!

No, not Blizzard.

Me, for still not getting an actual, real post out.

I had this awesome post deconstructing Rage Normalization, breaking Rage generation itself down all nice and rational… and then my computer rebooted and wiped it. All of it. Gone.

So, yeah. Umm.

It was pretty good, you know?

Have you ever written something, and you went back and forth over it, twisted this here, nudged that there, stepped back a few times and admired something that got what you wanted to say across in an elegant way…

And then it got wiped, and you have to start over? Blank sheet of… well, blank screen and blinking cursor?

But, like… this time, you know you already said it all once, and those were some really good bits in there… and you’re not really all that sure you’re gonna get it as good the second time? In fact, you’re afraid you’re gonna forget some of the points you said the first time around, because once you fired those arrows of imagination from the bow of your frontal lobe, they’re like, gone, man?


So, while I fall back and punt, I will distract you with this filk song I wrote to the tune of the Blazing Saddles intro theme last night.

She rode a flaming dragon,
She bore a shining sword

Her cause, to bring to battle,
To the evil of the Scourge.

She conquered fear
And she conquered fate
She turned Arthas’ night into day,

She rode her flaming dragon,
Bringing hope to light the way.

Run Bear! Run like hell before they recover!

/scoots off

9 Responses to “Toss them the shinies and run like hell!”
  1. Sougent says:

    The first commandment of computers, “thou shalt save early and often”.

  2. Andy says:

    Yep, I had a similar thing happen to my while I was writing the first of my Worldview posts a few days ago (using my own not-ready-for-public-use HTML editor, so I’m mostly to blame). It completely derailed me, and I had a hard time getting the ball rolling again (mix’n’match metaphors, yum). I’m still not convinced the re-written post was as good as the first one.
    .-= Andy´s last blog ..Worldview: Azshara =-.

  3. Dechion says:

    I totally feel your pain.

    Last November I had a flash drive fail on me containing something like 4000 words worth of the middle of my NaNoWriMo novel, including my character sheets and plot notes. I never recovered from it, ending up scrapping what was left when I was unable to frankenstien the plot back together.

    Now I save in multiple places, and as Sougent said: Thou shalt save early and often.
    .-= Dechion´s last blog ..Taking five =-.

  4. For the Pie says:

    Excuse me while I whip this out…

    It had to be done.
    .-= For the Pie´s last blog ..Im in your blog, reviewing your headset…among other things =-.

  5. Spawnofmoose says:

    great movie. And yes I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s that reason why my blog always falls more boring and uninsteresting in the end because I’ll reload the page or click a shiny link or something on accident and bam… all gone -.-

  6. Bear Pelt says:

    YES. I’ve had my browser eat up more posts than an eating contest champion. RAWR. Hence I made it a habit to write my post into a Notepad (or in my case, Notepad++) file and save regularly.

    Still, after such a wipe I’d just be glaring accusingly at my monitor before sighing and running off to Youtube or something for some distraction from the aching gaping wound of such a betrayal.

  7. Sarabian says:

    Jesus and Satan were arguing about a philosophical point. The wrangling got so intense over the course of several years that God intervened and asked what was going on. Both of them began explaining their side so fat and loud that no one could make any sense of it, so God said to them both, “Ok, guys, write it up and give it to me and I’ll settle this once and for all.”

    Both of them immediately flew to their computers and began typing madly. Pie charts, graphs, quotes, and very lengthy opinions were put together with a stunning display of creativity and skill. Pages and pages of text and images were built.

    Finally, after days of work, it was time to get this all settled. Both wheeled in color laser printers and set them up, then reached for the print ico………………………POOF!

    Power went out. Gasps were heard. Muttered swearing.

    Power back on, and both started the computers back up. Satan could be heard swearing long and loud, using every word in every language to express his outrage. As he paused, he heard the unmistakeable sound of a printer.

    He looked up and saw Jesus printing off his entire presentation! “WHAT?!? How?!?”, he screamed.

    God looked over at Satan and, with a small smile on his lips, said “Jesus saves.”

  8. Sarabian says:

    I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shut everyone up! Really!

  9. Sahele says:

    I suffer with you. I’ve never lost anything I’ve put that amount of work on but I can understand enough.


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