There is a movie coming out soon starring one of the most famous bears of all time.

I normally wouldn’t mention it, but there is this movie poster they released for it that, at least on a slow news day, is sparking a little controversy.

I took one look at it, and thought it would be great fun to have a little “Write your own tagline” fun.

First, the poster;

Now, you look at Yogi’s delighted expression, and Boo Boo’s surprised expression, then read the tagline, “Great things come in bears”, and, well, that’s not bad.

They did a pretty good job on that poster, assuming they were LOOKING to make a poster you could just read waaaay too much into.

But we can do better, can’t we?

When I see that poster, I think, “I can top that.”

Here are a few of my suggestions for alternate taglines;

  • “Grab your ankles and have a beary good time!”
  • “He’s harder than the average bear.”
  • “Hey hey, Boo-boo!”

Okay, those are a bit over the top. I apologise.

I’m still going to post it, though.

How about you? Does that poster inspire any creative taglines in YOUR brain housing group? Let me know!

30 Responses to “Bearly Controversial”
  1. Nimizar says:

    Ah, you had the same reaction to that poster that I and my friends did…

    My submission: “A movie with a beary happy ending”

  2. Nimizar says:

    But really, we struggled to top the tagline they actually used…

  3. kattrinsaa says:

    just when you thought it was safe to picnic.

  4. Barid says:

    Not to say your interpretation is wrong (except in the “deeply” sense), but just to take it in a different direction, I note the rather dead-looking nature of Yogi’s stare, his wide-open mouth with exposed teeth and where that is relative to Boo-Boo, and come up with:


  5. Æschere Null says:

    Over a million furries served!

  6. Klepsacovic says:

    A land flowing with milk and honey.

  7. Dwism says:

    I’m not imaginative: “Even bears can do doggy” – was the first thing that popped into my head, and that was even before reading your text :)

  8. bee says:

    “Sexier than the average bear.”


  9. Csara says:

    great bears come in other bears?

    Really, they left you far too much leeway with the initial tagline *gigglesnort*

  10. gunnysarge says:

    “hey boo-boo, guess what’s in your pick-a-nick basket!”

  11. Jed says:

    Thought about a few different lines but I think the best I could come up with was: “What happens in the forest, stays in the forest.”

  12. bigbearbutt says:

    That’s great, Jed.

    I’m surprised nobody’s offered up “Bearly Legal”.

  13. Jenna says:


    What Barid said.

  14. Pike says:

    “There’s a reason it’s called Jellystone”

  15. Intravax says:

    Sound off if you’ve got a bear.

  16. Drew says:

    First, did this movie really in any way need to be made?

    Second, were they going for maximum creepiness in character design?

    Third, I get that they were going for “bear” rhyming with “pair,” but it took me a while to get to that point. Wow, marketing fail.

    Fourth, “Yogi Bear 3D: Keep Him Out of Your Pic-i-nic Basket”

  17. Hey Boo Boo… Surpise!

    I bet [trade] could come up with some “interesting” [anal] stuff… <_<

  18. Itchi says:

    Jellystone will never be the same.

    The animated brokeback mountain…in 3D.

  19. Copey says:

    After the tag line of “Great things come in Bears” all I have to add is

    Don’t forget the Charmin! Because…you know…cleanliness is the sexiest aphrodisiac…for bears…

    And now I feel dirty.

  20. Mannyac says:

    Yogi’s got a a Boo-Boo?

  21. Moonstalker says:

    So much like the trade spam on my server but here goes…

    “If a bear comes in the woods…”

    “And this one is just right!”

    “Got bear?”

    “I’m his Boo”

    And lastly – “Don’t poke the bear”

  22. Deandre - Dalaran says:

    Yogi Pedobear. Had to be said.

  23. Steevee says:

    Moonstalker: “And this one is just right!”


  24. Tesh says:

    I didn’t like Yogi the first time. This iteration is just… wrong.

  25. ursiheil says:

    Yeah… I’m apart of a gay subculture group called “bears”… I just had to shake my head…

    As for a submission (cause being filled with shame doesn’t stop a dirty mind), the movie poster sure gives a new meaning to

    “The Bear Necessities”

  26. In a non-creepy way the look on their faces I’d expect to see if the introduced a set of tanking gear for bears as heirloom gear. Or if the film was a hello kitty / yogi bear cross over.

  27. Paona says:

    Working for bear? Or Bearly working?

  28. Sarabian says:

    So Yogi is a great thing? Hmm…

  29. AngerFork says:

    “What What in the Boo Boo”
    “Oooooooooh Yogi!” (To the tune of “Oh Yoko”)
    “When the Ranger’s away, the Bears shall play”

  30. Reinier says:

    Bearback mountain

    too soon?


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