I thought the sky was a lovely shade of blue this morning, and the temperature was wonderfully mild.

The water in my shower felt quite wet.

The ice in my drink was cold, but when I had my first cup of coffee, it was hot.

Thank you for your time.

26 Responses to “Satisfying my curiosity”
  1. Jgor says:


  2. Naturalregis says:

    The rental cat tried to eat my cereal. A slight tap on the head informed him of my displeasure.

    He went and lied down by the stairs.

  3. krikkett says:

    Funny, the water in my shower was nonexistent. This may put a damper on the rest of my day.

  4. Tim says:

    That made me giggle, and I’m still wondering why…?


  5. Kaethir says:

    Napalm is nature’s toothpaste!

  6. Wren says:

    The water in my shower was also quite wet, perhaps this needs further examination.

  7. Syl says:

    Hehe…just how hard was it to write this post? I wish I could keep things so short sometimes instead of writing all these WoTs on blogs and forums all the time – it’s an obsession!

  8. twww says:

    Sounds like a very nice start for a day.

  9. Soupe says:

    I agree with everything and I don’t, well maybe I do.

    Huh….what was the question?

  10. Joel says:

    Sounds like a great start to the day. Did you theorycraft the shade of blue to make sure it was optimal? Wouldn’t want you enjoying a subpar sky. :)

  11. Malphailuron says:

    If there’s some sort of hidden message here, I cannot decipher it.

  12. Sarabian says:

    My shower was equally wet, but warm.

    My coffee was hot, but turned cooler as I drove to work.

    The sky was even bluer than yesterday, but very pleasing. The temperature was just right. Even Goldilocks would have approved.

  13. bigbearbutt says:

    Well Mal, there were actually a couple things I was curious about.

    The first was to see if anyone would get the paraphrasing of one of my favorite Bruce Willis movie lines; “The sky is blue, water is wet, women have secrets.”

    The second was a pure experiment, to see what comments people would be inspired to leave by something as apparently value free as that. :)

    The third was a private bet between Cassie and myself… which would get more comments and private emails, this post or the one before it.

  14. Brôm says:

    I check out blogs while getting ready for work. This post was an incredibly uplifting sart to the day. Bravo.

  15. Phoebrosa says:

    Well, I must say… this post earned me some interesting looks, here in the school library of SAIT.
    Sadly, my sky is blue, but choking from forest fire smoke.
    Water is on “ration” because of dry conditions.
    My coffee might have been warm, but toddler saw to it that I wouldn’t get to drink it (broke mug as well)

    My secret world includes a dear friend of 15 years. *grin*

  16. Lex says:

    Is old Satan Claus still out there?

  17. Philimon says:

    Favourite movie? Would that be The Last Boy Scout? Now I’ve not googled it, nor do I remember something you said from the previous post, but that line rings a bell.

    Oh, and I also put ice in my coffee to cool it down on a hot day.

  18. Aza says:

    And there I was thinking BBB made a wonderfull Haiku out of nothing but pure awesomeness :D

  19. Aza says:

    …although not even close to a classic Haiku’s 17 syllables.

  20. Majick says:

    Cue twilight zone music?
    On another note:

    “orange rain washes away the dichotomy of rice, farmers vomit joy.”

  21. Paona says:

    I thought it sounded a bit William Carlos Williams-ish, no? “This Is Just To Say” and all.

  22. H says:

    ah BBB you shoulda left it much longer before letting any of us know what you were thinking

    now none of the rst of us can come up with witiicisms or any sort of riposte ourselves!


  23. H says:

    oh heck how do I change the picture that comes up on the side of my comment?
    I look like Bronson

  24. Dafydd says:

    I thought “Moonlighting”:
    David smirking and assured
    While Maddie bristles.

  25. Aza says:

    Btw, Philimon is correct, it’s a quote from “The Last Boyscout” with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans.

    Awesome movie, everytime asks to light his smoke I flinch :D

  26. Aza says:

    Darn i forgot to put “someone” inbetween “everytime” and “asks”, sorry…


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