I certainly hope that everyone reading this takes the time, either today or tomorrow, to celebrate National Bacon Day  (September 4th) in the only truly fulfilling way we can…

By eating that delicious, oh so satisfying meat that is like candy.

I’m going to make this short, but here are a few bacon suggestions for the truly adventurous. :)

How about a Bacon Turtle Sandwich? No, really. They look delicious!

If not that, then what about something a little lighter on the bacon end, like, oh, the original Bacon Explosion?

Oh, are you on a diet? Something like the Bacon Explosion is just the thing to make your significant other look at your hopeful eyes, and say “Umm, no.”

Then what about a nice, refreshing salad? What could possibly be objectionable about salad?

Especially a nice salad in a bacon cup?

Still, if even that is too much, then there is always the premiere diet food… Bacon. I mean, Popcorn. No, wait… BACON POPCORN!!!

Okay, let’s be honest. Nothing can really replace the real thing. Nothing beats real bacon.

But if you can’t have real bacon… you can at least try and make everything you eat taste LIKE bacon.

That’s right… that perennial favorite… bacon salt.

And as long as you’re celebrating, never forget that your favorite Bear might enjoy the gift that shows you REALLY care…

No, not a bouquet of flowers.

Well, yes, those flowers are just fine.

But that is just the beginning, there are so many other ways to show you really care as well.

And never forget… September 4th… National Bacon Day.

Let it ring true, let it ring loud and proud…


17 Responses to “Happy National Bacon Day!”
  1. Dr. Cynicism says:

    I see your bacon tulips, and raise you a cheddar filled bacon mug (http://www.neatorama.com/2009/11/20/bacon-mug/) God bless America!

  2. elleseven says:

    Yummy, we celebrated with bacon sandwichs today.
    In WoW, we used to have an arena team and guild called Canadian Bacon eh! In every bg, I would get a “yum..bacon” comment lol

  3. Minos says:

    Guess I’ll have to celebrate this one belatedly tomorrow. BTW, “meat candy” is the term I use for Americanized Chinese food. Sweet & Sour Pork? Sesame Chicken? Meat Candy.

  4. Necrodin says:

    It was Fathers Day here in Oz today. I had bacon and eggs made for breakfast…and thought I was in heaven till I saw these !

  5. Mannyac says:

    And for the guy who needs more stuff that he doesn’t actually need: http://www.neatoshop.com/product/Bacon-Platter

  6. Rakhman says:

    Oh wow Bacon Explosion. Just like… amazing. Only my lack of a smoker will stop me making that monster!

  7. Tex says:

    This post stopped my heart for a moment. But, as Dennis Hopper said (via Joseph Conrad), “This man has enlarged my mind.” Thank you for the Bacon, BBB, my soul is stronger this day.

  8. Sarabian says:

    Are you just happy to see me, or have your arteries hardened that much?

  9. Stupid Mage says:

    Yum Yum Bacon.

  10. Tesh says:

    Wow. I can’t help but think this is Americans trying to give the Japanese a run for their money in the Weird category.

    Great pictures!

  11. Warclaw says:

    Nice! As im already a huge fan of bacon, I made my favorite dessert on that day, Bacon Creme Brulee. I loved the picture of the bacon cups for salad, I did something like that. I made smaller bacon cups, filled with marshmellow creme and dipped in dark chocolate.

    Those turtles had me take a double take..great stuff!

  12. Elegantdeath says:

    As Emeril says, “Pig fat rules”

  13. Dwism says:

    Nooooooooooo (gasp) ooooooo.

    I missed this? fekk me, imma getting to have to make all of the above to make amends.
    Dear bacon, don’t hate me. I’m sorry

  14. Liarsfuror says:

    Don’t forget the Bacon Deviled Eggs made with real Baconnaise! C’mon, bacon and eggs in a convenient finger food? The possibilities are endless with this stuff! http://www.jdfoods.net/products/baconnaise.php

  15. Herr Drache says:

    I can personally vouch for the deliciousness of the “Bacon Explosion”, thanks to my wonderful wife (who doesn’t read this blog, sadly). Baconnaise is present in our fridge as well, but I don’t usually do “naises”. Don’t forget to floss with bacon-flavored floss, or use bacon-flavored toothpicks and bacon flavored toothpaste.
    OK, I don’t *have* those in my house. Yet. :)

  16. Frau Drache says:

    @ Rakhman……You dont have to use a smoker to make it! It tastes just as good from the oven or a convection oven!

  17. Gnomeaggedon says:

    Damn I missed it… luckily, I started the day with my bog standard daily bacon & egg toasted sanga.. without one, my day is all downhill form the start


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