Movember? Is that like move to the groove?

Well, I’m sure you can move to the groove all you’d like, but, no.

But if you do, I bet you look fabulous!

Movember is this event originating in Australia that I have never, ever heard of before this week, but that I am embracing with both hands and a big ‘stache.

Are you confused? Would you like some explanation?

I’m not going to give you one.

However, I WILL say that if you’re dying to have some kind of clue before telling me I’m an idiot, you need to go here and all of your questions will be answered

Yes, all of your questions. You can ask Gnomer any question, and he will have an answer for you. AN answer.

Wait, you wanted a right answer? Geez, what do you want fer nuthin’… a rubber biscuit?

Those of us that are Feral are at least part cat, so is it mean of me not to satisfy your curiosity myself?

Yes, of course it is. I’m part cat, I like toying with people.

Getting back to Movember, now that you’re on board with the concept and all of your questions have been answered, I want you to know that I am throwing all of my support behind Team “Gnomes Get The Blues Too!”

Normally, I walk around completely clean shaven. That wasn’t always the case, though, as my wedding picture clearly proves.

I have to walk around clean shaven now, because the last time I grew facial hair, well, I attracted a supermodel who demanded to marry me. After we were married, she forced me to shave it all off, because she knew that other supermodels would continue to throw themselves at me if I didn’t.

It’s not that she was jealous, you understand. She just didn’t want my ego to get any bigger than it already was. :)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

So, anyway, I’m clean shaven now and have been for years. But it’s Movember, and while I’ve never heard of it before, I care about my good buddy Gnomer, and I’m a gonna support him in his endeavors!

That means I am going to grow a moustache this month.

Or at least, I announced Saturday night that I was intending to support Gnomer and allow my facial hair to grow unfettered.

To which, Cassie replied, “No you’re not.”

I stood fast. I was adamant. I was going to grow a face full of ‘stache.

And this ain’t an idle statement, because my Bear-like nature is so powerful that if I don’t take a machete to my face every day, by the end of the weekend I start getting calls from ZZ Top asking me if I can play backup guitar on their next tour.

So Cassie resorted to reason.

She bribed me.

Seeing I was determined to show my support for Gnomer and Movember, she told me that if I DON’T grow my facial hair out, she’ll let me donate money to Gnomer’s Team. Also, she reminded me that I have to sleep sometime… and she has scissors.

Hey, whatever works, right?

And I call it reason… because extortion is such an ugly word.

Go thee and see the awesome of a brave Gnome!

26 Responses to “Welcome to the month of Movember!”
  1. Roseqwartz says:

    I’d shave and start fresh for this movember, except it would take me until next movember for anyone to notice…

    • bigbearbutt says:

      That must be a horrible curse. Either that, or you are very fair haired, and I refuse to have sympathy for a blonde… because you bastards are famous for having more fun!

  2. Minos says:

    Today is also the start of the Holiday Weight Gain Season. Mmmm, leftover candy.

  3. bigbearbutt says:

    Ain’t that the truth, Minos!

    And I really need to figure out if there is some way to enable replying to comments nested, other bloggers are able to do it and it looks nice that way.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Oooh, there we go! Awesome!

      • Ming says:

        Great googly moogly, so that’s what happened to your comment system! I was all like “What foul bear wizardry is this?!” for a second there.

        • bigbearbutt says:

          Yeah, this let’s me totally oversaturate the Bear market, so pretty soon you’ll all be like, ‘Somebody shut him the hell up!’ It’s too damn much Bear!

  4. Jey says:

    I haven’t done it in the past but maybe I will this year. I have always felt that if you are not raising money that there is no point but I guess that creating awareness is a good cause…plus I am actually old enough to do it somewhat this year, as I can grow some facial hair finally ( other than like patchy gross hair ).

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Well, if you follow the link to Gnomer’s team, you’ll see that by supporting hei team financially, it all goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and to beyondblue: the national depression initiative. Both are not for profit, and your donation is listed as tax deductable, although I don’t know if it’s tax deductable in the US yet, I haven’t had a chance to look into it. So, there is a fundraising aspect to it as well as awareness.

      Regardless…. see? Now when someone asks you why you’re growing that beard, you can tell ‘em it’s for a cause!

  5. Drew says:

    Alas, growing facial hair has always eluded me, much as growing hair on top now does. >.< I'll have to find a fauxstache.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Hmmm…. if you suddenly started sporting one of those incredibly funny super-cop moustaches, the big bushy ones that look faintly like the person is over compensating, that would be awesome!

      • Drew says:

        A “Super Troopers” stache would be sassy.

        Loving the personal attention of the new reply feature – just don’t get too carried away! :D

        • bigbearbutt says:

          Who, me?

          I’d never get carried away!

          “They’re coming to take me away, haha, they’re coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, to the funny farm….”

          • bigbearbutt says:

            Seriously though, this is far better. It’s hard to feel like you’re having a conversation if nobody ever replies to your comments. I obviously can’t promise to reply to everyone, unless my readership tanks and I’ve only got three people left to reply to. But this really let’s me reply to people FAR FAR FAR easier.

            Before, I was silent to comments mostly because it took me 5 minutes to navigate screens to post a single reply. Blech.

          • Drew says:

            I can see that. Next thing you know, though, you’ll be starting the Big Bear Butt Bulletin Board, a.k.a. the BBBBB or the B^5.

  6. Mooyah says:

    Awesome, a Blues Brothers reference…

  7. Gnomeaggedon says:

    lol.. does Cassie sleep… how does she look with a texta Mo?

    No, no… I don’t have the cash right now to jump on a plane to attend your funeral.. don’t do that.

    Thanks for the linkage BBB, a good portion of the exercise is to raise awareness to male depression and prostate cancer. They tend to be things that “real men” (You know, those that sport mustaches) don’t ever talk about until it’s too late, not even to their doctors.

    Every coffee worth of cash donated to the cause helps the organisations helping to raise awareness and save lives. Every Mo Bro & Mo Sista talking about it raises the awareness at ground level.

    I don’t know about over there, but depression over here is a big killer in young men, particularly young country men.

    Anyway, enough rambling.. can’t wait to see Cassies Mo!

    (Yes I jest, but the Mo Sistas over here go pretty nuts in their support.. the Mo’s may not be real, but their support certainly is… apparently those Mo Sistas like happy living guys rather than sad dead ones)

    • bigbearbutt says:

      She does sleep, but she sleeps lightly… as in, if I move, she wakes up and immediately checks the time.

      I’m still in negotiations for how much my non-Mo is worth, I’m holding out for more money, but I may cave if she throws in oriental buffet.

      • Gnomeaggedon says:

        Well, rest assured that you have already earned your money’s worth.

        Afterall, the objective is to raise awareness. Awareness saves lives.

        Money will help of course, but the 800 odd people that we have introduced to this topic so far may now be aware of issues and have some resources including methods of broaching these subjects with loved ones.

  8. Kolan says:

    Hey BBB,

    I’m doing Movember myself. I’d post my link but it is a public site. But suffice to say that it is a great cause and one I support wholeheartedly.




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