Jey of Sharpen Your Claws, one of those great Druid blogs I was talking about that gave me an excuse to bow out, has a nice post up detailing various types of class crowd control techniques.

He’s justifiably proud of his work, and there are some very pretty pictures as well, so why not go over and check it out?

3 Responses to “On the topic of CC”
  1. Jey says:

    You’re a champ. Thanks for the plug and keep up the good work.

  2. Vasburg says:

    Unfortunately I had the feeling, that since WOTLK crowd control wasn’t that important in PvE. Overgeared players and their DPS doesn’t require CC when bombing to heroic instances. It’s rarely useful for some encounters in ICC.

    Although a good guide.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      ell, you’re darn right that’s pretty much the case in all of Wrath, but part of the word I’d been getting from the cata beta was that the new tuning of instances and raids, coupled with the changes to AoE tank abilities, has brought back a renewed interest in the proper use of crowd control.

      I haven’t played in the beta so i couldn’t give you any personal experiences there, but I do think that a refresher for tanks as to what forms of CC might be available from party members is a useful thing to have written about now.

      I can hardly wait to see what the reality of playing in Cata is really like. Will things go back to the old CC days, will players continue on as they have been, or will some new paradigm rise?


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