I mean, look at that charismatic little goatee! And those pecs!

Okay, okay, I’ll stop being silly.

13 Responses to “No really, Team Greymane!”
  1. Ardrissa says:

    I would totally buy that shirt :)

  2. Trangor says:

    You know this isn’t making it any easier for those of us dreading the impending Edward Cullen Twilight Dragonflight reference, right?

    • bigbearbutt says:

      I know! But today is the only day such jokes will be timely… then the statute of limitations runs out. I have to strike fast and then fade away into the night.

      • bigbearbutt says:

        Plus, you know just because I ain’t writing guides anymore doesn’t mean I’m not gonna post my crazy, right?

        • Trangor says:

          That’s fine. I’ll always be a fan of your blog <3
          Your guides have really helped me turn into the awesome bear tank that I am.

          Of course now that my expansion's arrived I have to inform you that there's a trading card that comes with the Collector's Edition of a Worgen hero character named Jacob Blackcrest :P

  3. Savvy-Savvage says:

    The first worgen mage I see named Atomicdog is my friend for life.

  4. Darth Solo says:

    You look sexy dear.

  5. Rowtan says:

    woof woof :P Female Worgen it is then … :P (not that there was much doubt .. most of my toons are female … only problem is, certain lady bumps make tabards look weird).

    • Herr Drache says:

      And here I thought that certain tabards made the Lady bumps look weird, whereas a tabard can only get better ;)

  6. Kaleesh says:

    Augh, the eyes, the eyes! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to roll one.

    I’d totally buy the shirt though. I’d love getting blank stares from all the twitards.


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