MMO Champion linked to the Daily Blink today, and reminded me that somehow I lost that link when I changed computers.

So, after truly enjoying the bunny poster… (awww, cute!) I had to scroll back through archives.

I didn’t get very far before I lost it.

This one was quite possibly the most I’ve laughed in pure delight in months. Absolute win.

As I read it, I heard this little Chawa voice in the back of my head screaming “Nooooooo!!!!!!!”

5 Responses to “Now THIS was my ROFLMAO moment of 2011”
  1. Darthregis says:

    I think she’d be screaming “Noooo!!” because she hasn’t tamed a poo-flinging monkey yet. Otherwise, it would be, “Meh.” :)

  2. Ayriana says:

    I want to thank you a million times over for the link to the “blue post” as it entirely made my day, which had started off kinda crappy.

  3. Chawa says:

    OMG!11!! Hello Kitty Pet???? With a 100% chance of Charming Raid Bosses into submission with their “Invite to Tea Party” attack? HELL YES!!

  4. Riegnman says:

    The blue post is hilarious. Well, except that I am currently lvl’ing a human hunter.
    Oh, and btw, guess what my first tamed pet was. . . Yeah, a “poo-flinging monkey” with a pick axe. And I was ecstatic along with all of my kids when they saw it for the first time. *sigh*
    Hmmmm, I’m a demographic. Well, at least it doesn’t hurt.

  5. Jeff says:

    Man, thank you for introducing me to the daily blink… Hilarious!


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