I started you off with The Gord, and from the emails I’ve received, some of you enjoyed a bit of a laugh. Mission accomplished

Now to go to phase two: destroyer of lunchtimes.

Most of you are so internet savvy that you were probably right there from the start, but it’s been a long time. Maybe what was old is now new again for the New Year.

Say hello to the Bastard Operator From Hell.

There was a period of time where I spent not just hours but weeks reading every single story from every bit of the archive on my lunch breaks…

And then moved on from there to the literally YEARS of stories archived and still coming out (mostly) weekly on the Register UK.

You learn something new every day. Today, I learned the BOFH has books out at Plan Nine Publishing. Now I know what I could have asked for, for Christmas.

If you want to learn what true evil lurks in the hearts of the devious and criminally insane customer service professional (or IT boffin), then the BOFH has just taken away your free time.

You’re welcome.

9 Responses to “And I found the link, again!”
  1. The Alien says:

    THE BOFH is my license plate. You can probably guess what I do for a living.

  2. freddyboomboom says:

    Tomorrow we’ll a link to Not Always Right.

  3. Madwolf says:

    As you are bringing up things the you enjoyed in the past, Sherlock has started its second season. Still just three episodes :(

  4. Dovius says:

    Why, BBB, why?
    First the Gord, and now the BOFH, why are youj so intent on ruining your readers’ free time?
    What next, Dwarf Fortress LP campaigns?

    • bigbearbutt says:

      It’s because if I have to be at work and can’t be productive in the game, why should you be?

  5. HerrDrache says:

    My phone’s display at work used to say “BOFH”. I may be devious and insane, but that’s not clinically proven (yet) ;)

  6. Analogue says:

    You MUST read the Chronicles of George, if you never have before. Ran into this one…. close to 10 years ago? Something like that? When I had a tech support job. Yeah.


    • bigbearbutt says:

      I have read the Chronicles of George! Good stuff, good stuff.

      As a blogger, I’ll admit my favorite part of Chronicles of George is reading the FAQ. When he lists frequently asked questions, and the hostile tone of them, I belive it and am smiling and nodding. Yep, been called that and accused of that too, yep, yep.


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