Over the last few weeks, I’ve been doing some of the things I always put off before, because I was so busy.

I’ve gotten the Fox Kit, the Sea Pony, the Darkmoon Dancing Bear, things like that.

I was talking to Alex earlier, and he has the addon Mogit, and he was browsing through all of the mounts on there one at a time, oohing and aaahing.

I asked him what his favorite mount there was, the one he was most impressed by.

His reply was the Frostbrood Vanquisher mounts

He likes the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher the best, but the Bloodbathed is also very awesome.

Well, those are on my list as well… and have long been ignored as being functionally impossible for me to get. Guild groups have always been halfway or more through the achievements, or not announced until the last minute and thus impossible to plan for and be around at the start.

Completing the needed achievements, the long list of quite difficult achievements requiring a large group, has been one of those wistful things a non-ICC raider just has to put aside, right?

Or is it?

It’s only lately occurred to me that, with the advent of Battletags, cross-server raid groups and LFR geared players, it might just be possible to put together a group of ten people who would all like to form a regular group, starting with zero achievements, and work their way through to getting the achievement and the mount before Mists of Pandaria and the account-wide mounts go into effect.

So, I’m putting it out there.

I would like to put together such a group. A group of ten people who want to start and complete the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 Man) by clearing Icecrown Citadel in 10 man, both normal and heroic, and all of the achievements within.

For those who are seriously interested, I’d think one night a week, and I’d give each person my Battletag so we could gather together the clans for the runs.

I have one big disadvantage in organizing this kind of thing. I never did any of the damn battles, not really, not even on normal. The first few bosses, sure, but nothing much past that.

So I’d need at least one person along who knows what to do, who can direct us.

Fortunately, the Wowhead entry comments are full of great suggestions on how to work as a team to accomplish the achievements, but it’s not as helpful when you never saw the fight before to interpret exactly what they’re saying.


Are you interested? I mean, really interested? Would you want to be a part?

If the answer is yes, reply in the comments, and make sure the email address you use to register your comment (that only I see, never fear) is accurate so I can get in touch with you. If you wanted to mention which roles in the group you’d be good with playing as, all to the better.

Myself, I’d be willing to tank, heal or DPS, I don’t really care which character I’d go as. And Alex only has Death Knight DPS as an option, but as he’s doing some pretty good DPS now and is careful on getting out of the bad/moving when needed, he won’t even be getting carried!

If there was enough serious interest to field a 25 person team, I’d be willing to go for that, too, but it’s the middle of summer, and interest in WoW is waning for a lot of folks. I’m thinking getting a ten person group together would be more realistic, but what the heck do I know? Maybe I can’t even find five other people who’d want to go!

But I’m throwing it out there. I’d love to do it, and maybe I’m optimistic as hell, but I think it shouldn’t take more than three or four weeks to give it a damn good shot.

If we get enough folks to do it, I could see it being around 6 PM start Central time, for maybe two hours a pop, one night a week. And I’d really want to start and keep going with the same group who all need the mount and achievement, so everyone who takes part gets it.

Ah, hell with it.

What do you think? Anybody up for it?

62 Responses to “Bucket Lists – Glory of the Icecrown Raider”
  1. DeGei says:

    There are several places where you can find people both willing to help and already doing these types of things. Twitterlandraiding.com is one such place. Very helpful and mature players. Usually patient too, (everyone has bad nights from time to time).

    We have been trying to do 25man H ICC every Saturday but have been having attendance problems. 10 man is fairly easy (even for achievements or heroics) with 6-8 85s.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Except I’m not looking to join a group of strangers… the folks who come here are my friends!

  2. Tazor says:

    An even better idea would be to contact Dragonsaber on the Gilneas realm. He does an ICC ach run every Friday and Saturday nights. He’s in a guild called “Nice” if you can’t find him (his name is spelled with a few odd letters). Good luck!

  3. SirFWALGMan says:

    I would be interested. I have soloed ICC 10-man first boss and gotten small group of people to do like up to the loot ship. I never ran ICC either. I can bring either a DK Tank, a Disc Healer, or an Arcane Mage. Of those I think the mage is the best geared character from running LFG’s. The Tank has decent gear mostly crafted high level stuff. The healer is the worst geared but throws a mean bubble. I can give you Armory links to them all if you want. Just drop me and email or a comment on my site..

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Hoestly, I’m not worried about armory links. I’m just not that kind of guy. If we’re all 85 with reasonable gear, even partly from heroic twilights, we’re gonna really outgear the place badly.

      I think the achievements are more about playing carefully and doing what has to be done in the right timing, from what I’m reading. Coordination is more important.

  4. Zwingli says:

    While I would love to, 6pm is to early for me. That is “dinner/get kids ready for bed” time. If you ever feel like going at 9pm cst, lemme know. I have a viable DPS on your server.


    • bigbearbutt says:

      And 9 PM is too late for the Alex portion of the run :)

      I think if running all by yourself, the group run by Dragonsaber that Tazor mentioned would be by far the best choice. But, as I’m trying to get something together that my family can all take part in, it’s going to be more difficult.

      • bigbearbutt says:

        I think we could also take 15 minutes at the start of each run, and do the Sarth 10 man with 3 drakes up so someone gets a Black Drake each week.

    • Wolfsong says:

      Like Zwingli, I think the timing is off for me, though I would absolutely adore the chance to get in on this group you’re talking about forming. I tend to not even have a chance to jump online much before 9:30 Eastern, though. :(

      I have 85 healer (T13 geared), tank (just shy of raid finder ilvl geared), and dps (T12-ish geared) on Azuremyst though, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

  5. Orvillius says:

    Nymphy and I would love to do it with you. I’ve raid lead all but the two lich king achieves before too so I can help with getting everyone on the same page for those.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Oooh, I would love to play with the two of you! My one regret from leaving Eff the Ineffable was not getting to play with you two.

  6. Mark says:

    I would definitely be interested in doing this. I have a druid who is ranged dps or who can tank in a pinch.

  7. Orvillius says:

    Awesome. And Nymphy says you can come on Eff the Ineffable raids whenever you want. We’re still doing Dragon Soul most Friday nights.

  8. Becca says:

    I’d be interested in coming. I have a feral (cat) druid and a disc priest. My preference is to bring the priest, but I can dps if need be.

  9. Rob Rogers says:

    I’ll help, i can bring any class you need as well. rob(.)rogers at gmail.com. i’m available any night.

  10. Taikuutta says:

    I’d be way interested to give this a go! I’ve got an arcane Mage geared in HoT/valor gear with no ICC raid xp. Non-griefer and so not an asshat. Really just depends on the night and grinding rep with my wife.

  11. Matty says:

    Not only am I interested but darn near begging…would love to complete that too

  12. setchul says:

    I’d be interested in that as well as a healer or a dps.

  13. Sppicey says:

    I’m extremely interested. Like Taikuutta, it really depends on the night and grinding rep with my wife.

  14. Gameldar says:

    I’d love to come but… as I always say – nerf timezones!

    But you shouldn’t need a full 10 to do it (maybe with the exception of Been a long time waiting for this (although that is maybe more about having the heals than anything else). We did a full clear of normal with 6 of us – 1 healer and 1.5 tanks and we’re not challenged in the slightest – and picked up most of the achievements on the way (they’d 2 manned marrowgar before the rest joined us so we didn’t get the option of trying boned). LK was the only really challenge there and that was just learning the mechanics and where not to be. I need to organise my guildies to get back in there an finish the achievements!

    Oh… and something to add to your bucket list if you haven’t already done it – get yourself Fear and Vengeance on your rogue! The stealthing quests are awesome!!! I did it last night and had a blast, and was disappointed when it was over (Although I can do it again since I deliberately copied my rogue over to the beta before starting it). It is worth the 10K! My rogue has only just dinged 85 so gear for defeating the guy you have to fight isn’t a big requirement.

    • Gameldar says:

      Heh ok – gear is even less a factor, just checked my rogue and realised I did it all in my crafted pvp gear, rather than my pve gear.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Here is the thing. If we’re going to do it, I’d rather bring as many people as possible to all enjoy getting the achievements together. it’s about all of us having fun together, and getting something cool that we may not have done before.

      I know we could do it with fewer people… but what the heck, right? I say blow em down, gut em and have fun.

      • bigbearbutt says:

        In fact, if we can get enough folks to do it on 25 person mode, then so much the better.

      • Gameldar says:

        Oh I completely get that – but just saying if you can’t find a full 10 then it shouldn’t be a show stopper :) Mind you – who wouldn’t want to hang out with you and the cub!

  15. Concord says:

    YES YES. A thousand times, yes! 6pm cst is 4pm PST, right? That’s a little tough for me, but I can squeeze it in one night a week for a few weeks. I can’t imagine it taking us that long. My guild of RL friends stomped everything up LK in an hour or so, and we can’t even down the worm guy in Blackwing Descent :)

  16. Shane says:

    I wanna go… but it really depends on schedules and to top it off Im oceanic which means your times are in the middle of the day… but if you wanted to try a latenight run then count me in!

  17. Loukeda says:

    I would love to help, have a resto druid, I have the mount on 10 man but would love to get the 25man one.

  18. E says:

    I’d love to, but all my toons are Horde so I fear that knocks me out as an option. :(

  19. Saffron says:

    BBB, if there’s any sort of cross-realm, battletagnotmyrealnamewiththewholerealIDthing option, I would jump on it. I have a druid healer and tank, a shaman healer and dps, and a mage ready to go. I’ve done all of ICC normal except Sindragosa (that scaly chickenfinger).

    Please tell me there’s a battletagnotmyrealnamewiththewholerealIDthing option, BBB! I wants an undead dragon!

    • Saffron says:

      And I’ve already got Sarth 3D’s 10man drake :D

    • Kemonojin says:

      There is, but at the moment (unless it changed and wasn’t announced) it’s for D3 only. But it’d still be a good way to get organized… If you sign into battle.net and go into the d3 section, there should be something about setting it up in there. Mine ended up being a name with #1992 on the end, even though it said I was the only one by that name. Gives you all the functionality of real id, without your real name, and is how it should have been set up from the beginning.

  20. ursiheil says:

    I’ll help you out man… you know what toons I have accsess too, and you have me on your friends list… so just hit me up if you need some help.

  21. Tesslen says:

    Long time reader and first time poster….. I have wanted to finish the achieves for ages but my guild is more interested in heroic DS right now and I can’t seem to get a group together. I have almost all the achieves but a couple and would love to help others get them. I have a feral druid and can dps or tank and I am DS geared. Time zone may be a problem but it depends on the night as I am Pacific Time.

  22. Fangtastic says:

    I would love to help DPS, tank or heal but all my toons are horde. Good luck though, sounds like fun! :)

    Next best thing to a “meet the bear”, eh?

  23. Langalore says:

    My wife and I would be happy to help. We are both good players and usually we tank and heal as a team but sometimes she adds in hunter dps if needed.
    I can use either my bear tank (Newtonium on Lightbringer) or Paladin (Protectorate on Lightbringer).
    We are west coast so might not be able to fit your times (weekdays are out for us because 9pm Pacific is the earliest we could go).
    Keep us in mind!

  24. Nabol says:

    I’d love to help out, I’ve raided ICC while it was current as a Holy Paladin and a Resto/Enhancement Shaman, but unfortunately I’m in the EU :(

    Oh well, here’s to hoping you’ll get a group going :)

    Good luck!

  25. Jason says:

    If you can get 10ish reasonably geared 85s, 25 man should be well within reach. For my part, I can bring along an LFR geared resto shaman or a DK tank. If 25s are an option, I’d much prefer to drag the DK as he’s been working on putting Shadowmourne together for quite some time.

  26. Aramonge says:

    Simply Count me in….. (10 and 25)
    Feral Druid and achievment enthusiast.
    Looking forward to joining you.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      When I get home from work today, I’ll see how many folks said they would try to go, and send them all emails seeing who could do a Wednesday at 7 to 9 central, and who could do a Sundays same time. I knew time zones would be a factor.

  27. Xew says:

    I’d love to go, but have no Ally toons…

    But, if folks were willing to do this Horde side too, I have damn near anything you’d need – resto druid, prot pally, blood or frost dk, shadow or holy priest, even a pesky rogue…

    I’ve done all the fights through heroic, but have done most of the achievements… course, it’s been a LONG time since I stepped into ICC (did a quick run @ 85 with the rogue for the title about a year ago). But they’re pretty memorable fights.

    • bigbearbutt says:

      Maybe someone who is Horde side, loves achieves and has a blog will do it too!

  28. Beshara says:

    If a Horde side one gets started, I’d gladly help out with it as a disc/shadow priest, and may be able to get my prot pally husband to come if it’s on the right day. Unfortunately, I do not have any Ally 85s.

  29. Meg says:

    I haven’t played WoW in several months while I’ve been in school, but this kind of schedule is one I can commit to. I’d also like to get interest going again before the MoP expansion. My Alliance geared toon that I know how to play well in ICC is also a DPS DK. I have a tank set that would probably work under these conditions, and have tanked through the first wing, but I’m not really comfortable with it without getting in some good practice. I was part of my guild’s core raid team (10-man), and we raided ICC twice a week and got the LK down before the Cata release. I’ll have to review the achieves I have – those, I can probably give some guidance in terms of tricks we followed to attain them. I’m comfortable with all the fights in the Citadel, and may be of some use in that regard as well. 6 PM Central will be too early for me, but it looks like you’re modifying it to 7 PM Central, which I can do. And Sunday would be completely flexible.

  30. Meg says:

    Guess I should add to this, I rarely went into ICC in 25-man. If we had 20ish people, we’d split into 2 groups of 10 rather than pull in strangers who hadn’t studied. It would also be nice to earn the 25-man achieves, of which I suspect I have very few. :)

  31. Thelandira says:

    If the nights you are planning this for are going to be either Wed or Sun then count me in. I am EST zone, but I don’t have to go to bed early on either of those nights (yay me!) and am home from work early enough in the day for it to not be a problem. I have a DK tank, healer/tank Druid or a Warlock or Hunter for dps if the tank & heal spots are full.

    If, for whatever reason, this ends up not coming to fruition, feel free to add me to real ID friends anyways. I’d love to be able to say hello to my favorite blogger every now and then in real time. :o)

  32. Goose Igaly says:

    Definately interested. Resto/feral (bear) druid. Have done all but just a few of the achievements. Would need to be a saturday if you’re lookin’ at 6 Central. East Coast here.

  33. Rauxis says:

    I’m thinking about coming back to WoW, but this is just too early *sad face* …. no 85s at all (though I’ve beaten everything in ICC on 25H except LK himself)

    would have loved to see you in action
    Rauxis, chosen of CAT

  34. Aggs says:

    I would so love to do this! The start time on Wed might be a wee bit pushing it for me, as I generally walk through the door at 7 central, but I could make it work. I’ve got an arcane mage, whose gear is not the best, but I’d start working on it more to do this. Thanks so much for a great idea and opening it up to the community!

  35. Herr Drache says:

    So if I level my only alliance toon, a level 19 Disco-Priestess, I can come? :)
    Ah, this goal, so close, yet so far away!

    Have fun and good luck y’all – I won’t make you wait for a month or three :D

  36. Saffron says:

    Uh…this whole “Sunday” thing. I’m going out of town for a week, be back next Sunday.

    Does that count me out? :O

  37. Xaeth says:

    Sadly I’m EU and Horde :(. But someday I’d love to play alongside the BBB!
    If anyone does want help getting any achievements – Death#2927, or for that matter if you are in US, just general chat or advice :)
    Very geared tanking druid and semi-geared healing druid, warrior tank and mage DPS.

    Xaeth – Burning Steppes EU,
    Guild Master of

    • sayling says:

      Hey, Xaeth

      EU and Horde ‘lock playing on Shattered Hand here… always up for achievement runs, so you may well find you get a BTag inv soon!

  38. Coreus says:

    Hey, I’d love to come along on my Warrior, Syrannia [Feathermoon]. I don’t think I’m available next Sunday, but I’ll definitely be around after that.

    Back in the day I was in I think the second group on my realm to get the 10-man Icecrown meta, but my 25-man group never got quite that far. =(

  39. Manech says:

    To have the Honor of raiding with BBB and family? As a long-time reader I would love for the chance to give something back and lend a hand in pursuit of the goal. My main is a Resto Druid but I also have a Resto Shaman equally capable I could bring. Times are fine with me and either day would work as well.

  40. Katzbalger says:

    I can make the Sunday ones but have a DS run at 8 central on wednesdays. I have a shadow priest, frost dk or rogue I can bring along, whichever you prefer (shadow priest probably best, a ranged-heavy group makes lk much easier. I’m happy to explain the fights if you need someone to, I’ve been running ICC most weeks since it was current content for chances at Invincible, and since they announced account-wide mounts meaning I can get more chances at it by running my alts…well, I think my record week so far was 9 ICC25’s and 7 ULD25’s completed ;p

  41. Malcolm Singer says:

    If spots are open I would love to go. Would most likely have all three roles available with warrior tank the most overgeared for encounters.

  42. Sano says:

    I would go anytime time that I could make it, Friday and Saturday work best for me. Just wsp me and let me know what you decide and I will try to make it.

  43. Kemonojin says:

    Aw, bummer. I was looking forward to it, but the only night I have open is Friday. If you end up doing one on Friday night, or if anyone else wants to get together on it, keep me in mind.

  44. vinetail says:

    Auugh, Bear, why must you be Alliance?! I would LOVE to come do this with you. Maybe I can grind out some levels on my DK, then faction change her… but probably not by Sunday, though. :) Fridays and Sundays are good for me, and I tank.

  45. I’m always up for achieve runs whenever I can get people interested, and I know ICC (and Ulduar) very well. I am comfy leading either reaid. I’m Maeorra on Moon Guard. I don’t think battletag is functional in WoW yet, but if so, I’d be happy to give you mine so you can add me. I’ll go whenever there’s interest, and I can usually pull a few friends.


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