Duane Elms – Dont Push That Button

See, somebody, I’m not going to say who, thinks Brann Bronzebeard is the epitomy of sanity.

And I pointed out, quite rightly I think, that Brann has a LARGE portion of “Ooh shiny!” syndrome.

And if you like that song, go search out Duane Elms, and I only know of it because of my bud Mannyac.

3 Responses to “This song is for Precious and Soft”
  1. Zwingli says:

    That. Is. Epic!

    I hope that Precious and Soft appreciates it. :D


  2. Brann Bronzebeard is about as sane as my Auntie Ann, and she once proclaimed that her toaster gave her psychic visions. Fact.

  3. mannyac says:

    You rock. Lost that song on a dead hard drive. Thanks!


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