I know Preach Gaming is supposed to have the best ‘how to play your class’ Youtube videos, but I think this video of a bear with an equipped staff is pretty OP.

You can try to nerf bears all you like, but we just upgrade by getting our noses into it.

Noses… feet, whatever.

We can kick your butt with a staff while nibblin’ on our toes, so just step back.

4 Responses to “Pandaren Monk training video”
  1. Dortrine says:

    That’s all sorts of amazing and awesome! Thanks very much for sharing.

  2. Too cute!

    Wondering if that bear was a majorette in a past life????

  3. Kemonojin says:

    Heehee… I’ve seen that video before, but it always makes me giggle, and I always think druid…

  4. Lukefarer says:

    Imagine what it could do with opposable thumbs…


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