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Hi All,

It’s Cassie and I need some help!  A month or two ago, my hunter, Cassendra, got in a mood to tame new pets (got the Sapphire Hive Queen, a rhino and a new kitty all in the same day) after having had the same companion since level 10 (a snow leopard from outside IF which was a very a long way for a NE hunter to have traveled for a companion).   I decided to tame one of the purple pride watcher cats from Winterspring and spent many an hour grinding him up those last 5 levels to 80.  He is now my hunter’s primary pet, but he is still shamefully named “Cat” :-(

I haven’t found the right name for him yet, so I’m hoping someone will have some good ideas.  It’s definitely a male kitty and I want something regal sounding since he was a protector of the cubs in Winterspring (nothing silly or goofy for him).  Since he’s got the purplish look to him, I’ve played around with different versions of regal or royal and just can’t settle on anything.  My other cat is named Snowpaw (ya know, cause he has white paws) :-)

Here’s a pic for those not familiar with this particular cat.


So let’s hear your creative ideas!

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Ok, I think the feed is fixed for posts, but the comments feed (which only 9 people other than BBB and I were using) is still messed up (which drives me personally nuts since that’s how I stay up to date on info).

Anyways, if this post comes through on our feed readers, then BBB will post his news and we’ll continue to investigate the comments feed issues.

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Cassie here, testing the feeds.  Think I figured out the problem, but just making sure.

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 Last night (ok, technically this morning) at 12:30 a.m., Cassieann the Rogue hit level 80!  I had just finished Grizzly Hills (after doing ALL of Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and Sholazar) and started in  Zul’Drak (just so I could ding).  I was doing the quest chain where you put a scourge disguise on and thought I was going to end up dinging as a scourge, but was 1% short (that would have been a cool pic).  But fFinally found a quest that would get me there.   Here’s the standard dinging shot:


Then today around 3:15 p.m, my hunter also dinged level 80 and again had to work for the ding.  Finished all of Zul’Drak (since my hunter went to Northrend immediately at level 68).  Flew from Dalaran toward Storm Peaks (discovering all kinds of areas on the way).  Got to the K3 area in Storm Peaks and picked up some quests.  Did the one to pick up 10 pieces of scrap.  Came back to eagerly turn it in only to see this:


Now if you can’t see from that picture, if you look at the top left bar, I am at 100.0% with NO DING!  Grrr, I was 120xp short.   Flew out of the area and killed one poor Brute Gnoll and finally:


Yay!  My rogue is now wearing her Trollwoven Spaulders, Trollwoven Belt, and Ice Striker’s Cloak crafted by my hunter, along with a Titanium Impact Band made by BBB’s priest.  Eventually she’ll get some more gear from heroics and emblems, but finally she is not still all in Kara gear  :-)

Hunter still needs her Giantmaim Bracers, Giantmaim Legguards, and her own Ice Striker’s Cloak, but those will come in time.   For now, she is off to farm lots and lots of leather for a certain druid who wants all his epics ready when he dings 80.  :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s Eve and start to 2009!


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Well BBB has been tagged by Ratshag  who was tagged by One Among Many to dig back through the archives and figure out who the first blogger was that commented on one of his posts.  The chances of BBB digging through the archives (or maybe even knowing how to do so) were debatable, so I’m stepping in and doing this one for him.  :-)

The first couple posts that he did were commented on mostly by the friends who talked him in to this whole blog thing to begin with.  But on August 21, 2007, BBB wrote a post titled “Casual or Hardcore? Can’t we all just get along?” (a question we still seem to ask ourselves frequently)  and the first comment on that post was from a now very recognizable Resto Druid blogger.  Check it out:

  1. Phaelia says:
    Welcome to the Blogosphere, Big Butt (teehee)! I’m a fairly recent addition myself, writing a Restoration Druid blog at I’m really enjoying your articles so far so keep up the great work!!Phae

Phaelia and BBB have both come a long way in blogging in the last 16 months and she’s always been a great resource when he’s needed Resto information. Thanks Phae!

Now, it’s his turn to tag some other bloggers.  So here it is:


Big Red Kitty

4Haelz (Bellwether AKA Feralicious) 

Grai’s Gang

Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick 

Consider yourselves tagged!  Mwwuuuhahahhaa

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