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No, I’m not going to pontificate about lore.

I did want to say that, after reading Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (during that whole contest thing for the book release, remember?) it inspired us to go seek out more of the books.

Cassie and I both read and enjoyed the Arthas book. This is kind of amazing, since Cassie, as a rule, does not like fantasy novels. I can’t speak for her, and maybe she’ll let us know what encouraged her to read it, but she did tell me she enjoyed it.

She enjoyed it enough that she tried to find Christie Golden’s other Warcraft novels through our local library system.

It took some cross-library requests to get it, but we got Rise of the Horde through the inter-library transfer system, and bought Lord of the Clans at a local used bookstore, along with (since what the hell, we were there anyway) The Last Guardian and Beyond the Dark Portal.

Edit… the spoiler section talks about a book due this month that, apparently, I am totally wrong about as to what the subject matter is and such. Can’t update it with good info yet, so just follow the link and check out the comments. There is no way for me to track down the truth, and figure out what book is about Varian Wrynn and what the Ashbringer graphic novel is about. Working Bear is working as intended.

Spoiler alert!
The collected graphic novel of the King of Stormwind comics, World of Warcraft: Ashbringer is due out later this month, and I’m hoping to get a look at that, because I’d like to see how they resolved “The King is Missing, Oh Noes!” quest chain from Alliance side into “The King is Back and Cranky!” that we see from doing the Dragonblight quest chain tand storming Undercity with the King, and being pissy with Thrall.
Spoilers over

Anyway… so we got these books, and Cassie read the Rise of the Horde, followed by Lord of the Clans, and then said I should get busy with them, that they’re very good.

I have been reading the Ian Rankin “Inspector Rebus” novels from 1 to whatever based on the recommendation of our friend Daak, so I’ve been distracted (I’m on The Black Book now, with four more in the series lined up on the table at home) but I took time out to read those two Warcraft books, plus The Last Guardian since I lived for so long in Karazhan that I wanted to read about it a bit.

I don’t know what Cassie’s thoughts on them are, but I have to say that I loved both books about the Horde. The Rise of the Horde was, obviously, a little richer in the lore of the Orcs, not surprising considering how many years of development passed between the two books, but Lord of the Clans kicked ass too.

Makes me want to run Escape from Durnhold again for old times’ sake.

I don’t know how many of you out there have read the books that have come out, but if you haven’t… I suggest you give them a try. They really are very good, and they tie into our game play events really nicely.

It does add an extra dimension to the game when you know so much more about the world and the people in it.

Hopefully Cassie will have the time to mention her thoughts about them as someone that only plays the game and doesn’t usually (okay, ever) read fantasy novels.

And let me know if you enjoyed these books too, or if they inspired your creation of a guild or changed how you did quests. I’m curious, because I can see how, if you played on the Horde side, these books could inspire all kinds of fun RP events and activities to flourish!

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I just wanted to let you know, I have received the books for the international winners, and will be mailing them out this week.

Hopefully, that means the US winners have already received their books, and are happily enjoying them!

Congratulations again, and thank you to everyone that participated.

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I do not have any copies left, but my contest was not the only one, nope, not at all.

For those of you that have not won a copy of Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, there is a contest still underway at;

Fantasy and Sci Fi Lovin News and Reviews

The contest is open to citizens of Canada and the US, and is still open, so if you have not been one of the fortunate winners here, there is yet hope!

Go! Go I tell you!

Thank you to the wise Asara Dragonness for the tip!

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The fifth and last of our winning entries. Cassie remarked to me that she liked the way this one built up and was resolved. I just liked the story, I guess I’m a fairly simple person. Enjoy!


The chill of death had been in my body for a long time, but this new chill was something colder, and far more sinister than even I had thought possible. I was standing before my master, Arthas, the Lich King, and he was speaking, to me.

“My dear Vyerimara,” he sang in his deep sultry voice, “come to me, tell me what bothers you my dear.”

As I stepped forward I saw his cool calculating blue eyes, staring straight at me, through me. I felt as though my soul had been ripped into and greedily fed upon by him. He knew me, he knew my treachery, he knew what I would do, and he would soon have my armor as a trophy.

Arthas was not always this way, he was once much kinder to his undead subjects, but he expected no mistakes in return for his kindness. He had grown distant from his once human kindred, and emotion no longer existed in him. He was fighting a war, a war he could win with a wave of his hand.

I was once a loyal subject of his, but, like Windrunner, I had kept my mind. I loved Arthas, he was my king before and after I died, but I was always just out of reach of him.

Now, I have chosen to betray him, to join Windrunner, and end his reign as king of the undead.

Everything was ready, the holy magic encompassing the dagger in my breastplate would be enough to kill him. All I had to do was put it right between his ribs, nothing too hard, considering how close I had been to him these past few months.

I stepped in close, and as I came closer the dagger gained weight in my heart. I had to be calm, but I needed to be quick.

“My Lord, I have brought you news of the front against the Banshee, we have lost one platoon of our soldiers, her voice seems to free their minds. She is the only real danger to our victory. Why do you not just go and destroy her, my King?” My voice cracked on the last word as his eyes lit with a firey rage.

“I don’t because I wish to toy with her, she is a nuisance, but she is cornered,” he growled at me, “She will not stay alive much longer. I have sent orders to the Awoken Ones. She will die TONIGHT!”

I must act more quickly then, I thought to myself, missing the first part of what Arthas was saying, as he concluded with “And so shall you.”

I had only heard the end of that sentence, “so shall I what?”

“Yes my lieg…” My voice trailed off as I finally understood what he had said.

“And for yourself Vyerimara, so shall you.”

I would not be finished so easily though, with the holy magic coursing through the dust in my own veins I ran to him, pulled out my kris, and plunged as hard and fast as I could toward his armor’s side, the weakest point. The holy magic burst forth from my eye sockets. The kris shattered on his hardened armor, and what little had been left of my mind was now gone.

And now I am his puppet, I AM SCOURGE!

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The fourth of five winning entries we received for the BBB Arthas Book Contest! This one may seem very short indeed… until you remember that this came in after our draconian announcement of an entry being two paragraphs, and before we opened it up to whatever you needed. Cassie and I absolutely loved this one, for the powerful emotional impact it has. Enjoy!


Hannelore froze in place, there on the dais of Utgarde Keep.  Hundreds of feet below, there was the constant sound of rushing water crashing against the craggy cliffs of the Howling Fjord.  All around, the cries of the protodrakes and their riders filled the air, blending together to create the illusion of some even more fantastical creature of hate and violence.  The sounds of battle still rang in her sensitive ears, from the clash of weapons on armor to the haughty shouts of the now-dead vrykul, Ingvar.  Nevertheless, Hannelore could swear she had just heard someone whisper her name.  It had been the most malevolent, twisted sound she had ever heard.

“I could use a plaything like you, blood elf,” it continued, haunting her mind with its echoes before the sound ever came.  “You are far from ready, yet.  The potential is within you for great things.  Terrible things.  You have caught my attention with your constant interferances with my works.”  The priestess tried to control a shiver, unsure why she felt such pride at those words.  “Perhaps you will prove yourself worthy to me in time.  I will set you on the path to join me, and you will come to me of your own volition.”  There was frost forming on her upper lip; she could feel it, and could hear the crystals crackling as the moisture froze in the suddenly arctic air.  “Or you will fall, and become a mindless minion to swell my ranks.  I look forward to seeing you again, Hannelore…”

She spun in place, sending the skirts of her robes swirling about her ankles.  She licked her lips, found the frost gone, and prepared a spell.  The gleam of magical energies faded and fell from her fingers as the priestess realized she was alone on the dais with a quickly rotting corpse that still lay bleeding and broken against a column.  She glanced around, faintly glowing emerald eyes searching the lengthening shadows for a sign of the Lich King, Arthas.  It was he that destroyed her city, turned its population into a broken people, and tainted their very lives with his foulness.  He wasn’t there with her, though.  Hannelore’s legs buckled and she dropped to her knees, confused at the tears running down her cheeks.  That voice had been pure evil, but she found herself desperate to hear it declare her worthy…

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