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Okay, are you ready for the big reveal?

I bet you scrolled down to see the pictures first, didn’t you? You scrolled down, then scrolled back up. Shame on you.





Pac Man? Is that you? Wakka wakka…

What was in the box is a Figureprints statue of one of my sons characters, Wooffie. Well done Andrew for your accurate guess, even if you talked yourself out of it immediately.

Figureprints statue of World of Warcraft warlock character Wooffie, a Worgen in purple robes clutching a staff

Wooffie the Worgen Warlock!

Yes… yes, it is a Warlock.

How Wooffie the Worgen Warlock became a Figureprint is fairly interesting to me.

I asked our son what he thought. If any one of his characters could be a statue, who would he want it to be?

I tried to ask in such a way that he never once suspected it might actually happen. This kind of questioning is usually the province of Department of Homeland Security gestapo, and spouses desperate for birthday ideas, but I did my best.

I expected the answer to be his Worgen Death Knight. That is the character he actually plays, the character he’s run numerous raids with, Dragon Soul, Molten Core, he has his bank with full 22 slot bags and his entire Void Storage choked with transmog gear.


He wanted Wooffie, his Worgen Warlock to be a statue. And he was serious about it.

He knew the exact outfit he wanted to be wearing, as well as which weapon. How? Because he spends more time in game browsing the MogIt addon than he does actually playing.

Which reminds me, I really need to try and get enough people scraped together to get his Worgen Death Knight the Molten Core chest piece. He has the rest of the set along with the heroic mode chest armor, but that flaming red doesn’t blend well with the nice orange of the normal mode. Someday.


We made sure to run raids until he had every piece of the Warlock Tier, looked smoking hot, that Warlock was on fire, man. He also got the staff he selected as his transmog weapon.

I revealed that this was for real, we were actually going to do a Figureprints statue. His reaction was so cute, I swear he squeeed.

We went to the Figureprints website, where we were able to import his character and equipment directly from the Armory.

I was shocked to see Figureprints does Minecraft as well. I was quick to hide that from Alex, I shudder to think what could come from THAT revelation!

Our first surprise in browsing the character options was that you weren’t limited to gear you actually had equipped on your Armory page. You could also browse character sets, and choose from among them to deck out the character you wished you had instead of the one you were stuck with because that damn helm won’t ever drop.

After browsing sets for a while, he went back to ‘HIS’ Wooffie, and then chose his own pose, base, colors for his name, everything.

He got to bring his own character to life, and we placed the order.

What might have thrown you off in your guesses from the previous post is how big the box was that arrived. It’s a big honking box.

That is because the statue is HUGE!

I had in my mind that this thing would be, okay, bigger than a wargaming miniature, but not much bigger. Maybe as big as normal action figures in the stores these days, around 3 1/2″ tall.

Um, no. This thing is around 10″ or more tall, and very wide. The entire thing is sturdy as heck, and I’m not kidding about how big it is. This is a statue under glass, something extremely noticeable on your shelf. It doesn’t get lost among the clutter.

Wooffie the Warlock statue, with a noticeable matte 'dust' appearance.

Wooffie the Dusty Warlock

So, to the good. It looks great. I don’t know how these pictures will turn out, but holding the statue in your hands, it looks incredible. It IS Wooffie, right there, big as biscuits and gravy. I was concerned about the fine details of the armor and glowy bits, but in person it looks incredible. There is absolutely no question what this is, and he looks good doing it.

The one thing that isn’t a negative but is something you notice is… as you can see, the manufacturing process does leave the product with a slightly dusty finish.

I think, for a character wearing cloth, it looks great. It leaves stone spikes and skulls and cloth all looking very good.

Alex did notice the dusty finish right away, not so much as a complaint as in thinking that it may have gotten dusty before the glass dome was put on. “Can we take the glass off and brush it off?”, so it’s certainly there and does give the impression of a light coating of dust.

Again, looking closely at the staff and cloth armor, it doesn’t take away from the figure at all.

My only thought is, if I were a devotee of ‘slut plate’, or chose a character wearing shiny metal armors or lighter colored tones, would the dusty appearance have mattered more?

I have no idea. I’d love to get the opinions of others who have Figureprints of characters wearing colorful metallic armors, and especially pictures I could feature, to find out more.

I was talking to Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh, the Master of Peep Mayhem and Marshmallow Mastication his thoughts about the dusty finish.

He thought it might be possible for someone to use a clear coat polymer over parts that are supposed to be metal to get a nice effect. He did point out it gives you more of an incentive to play a cloth or leather wearing class. :)

I agree with him, but when you’ve invested in something this special, it would take massive guts to experiment with paints and coatings. Or to breathe on it too hard.

Overall, it’s fantastic.

I know I teased you yesterday, but I hope the final surprise was worth it.

Thank you to Cassie, who took a lot of pictures and, to my mind, did a great job of getting details through the glass case. Thanks, sweetie!

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Before going further, I have an important (to me) announcement to make!

Tonight, my son will be attempting to play his Unholy Worgen Death Knight in his first Mogu’shan Vaults LFR.

I will be running with him and offering tips and encouragement, and Cassie might be able to go as well.

If you would like to join us, you would be very welcome! We’re planning on running the first half of MSV for sure, possibly the second half was well depending on queue times.

I know that quite a few of you have run with the Cub and his Death Knight in Icecrown Citadel, Firelands, Black Temple and Sunwell. I would be delighted to have you join us while he takes on what is in my opinion a hellacious step up in difficulty when it comes to getting out of the big bad.

I can’t really give you a specific set time when we’d be going. The best I can say is tonight, and we would probably try to start around 6 PM to 6:15 PM Central standard time.

It kinda depends on how long his homework takes. Such is life in the pint size bracket.

Oh yeah, and since this is Alliance side cross-server LFR, if you’d like to go and haven’t done the Battletag stuff with me before on the fun runs, just send me a Battletag friend request at BigBearButt#1737

I hope you’re able to make it tonight! It would be fun to chat with friends as we steamroll some LFR together.


In other news, the Cub got a Key to the treasure trove yesterday, and went in for his first shot at the vault.

Up to this point I’ve done it for his character to ‘maximize’ his chances at Elder Charms.

Yeah… he blasted through the first room clearing more chests in less time than I usually do. And that is with the first BIG chest bugging out on him, lid opening but not giving him loot, just like you sometimes see with serious lag spikes in game while looting corpses.

I told him to leave it behind and keep going and all the rest opened fine. It was just that first big one that bugged. Go figure.

In the final chamber, he loves having Burial Trove keys to use. He loves the random element. He looks around, and says “That chest looks like it was being protected by that dead mogu, I’ll try that one.”

It’s fun seeing him create stories about what might have happened, and making his decisions based off of that. I know it must seem silly, but when you remember your children as the small little handful that could sleep on your wife’s lap while she played Spyro or Animal Crossing, to see him engaged in a fantasy game, thinking about what he sees and naturally imagining what might have happened and having fun…

It’s the best.

I just keep counting the months until he’s old enough or at the right maturity level to appreciate the things we love…

Like, on the edge of my seat waiting until he’s old enough to see The Lord of the Rings movies and enjoy them as exciting without being scary. Y’know?

I do have a sad, though.

I can’t convince him that The Princess Bride would be a cool movie to watch. He’s just old enough to need to be bedridden and unable to move before he’ll allow me to put any movie on that has the word ‘Princess’ in the title.


“But… but it’s the GOOD PARTS VERSION!!!”

I used to have that book years ago, the good parts version. Maybe I need to get another copy and read it to him to suck him into it. Grrr.


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We may have lost the Cub.

Alex had a birthday shortly before we left on vacation, and along with some toys he acquired a fistful of Target dollars. Er, gift card thingies.

So, armed with gelt we took him to Target and let him run loose in the toy department.

What he wanted more than anything was the Mega Bloks Goblin Shredder, which Target’s website showed was in stock.

Yeah. They lied. Nope, nope, nope.

Not anywhere in the toy area, the clearance shelves, hidden behind something else. Might have had one in another department, but none in Toys.

Standing in the store we called around to other Targets that showed it as being in stock. We got the store clerks involved. We networked.

Nope, nope, nope.

This isn’t a rant on Target, but what turned out to have happened is funny, and Target Corporate has sure paid the price.

See, the Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Goblin Shredder is a new toy priced at $24.99. And as such, it is at the same price point as the old Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Barrens Chase set.

The old Barrens Chase set, along with ALL the old Mega Bloks World of Warcraft stuff has been clearanced out. it’s the same at Walmart, I saw a Goblin Zeppelin for $22 at Walmart the week before.

Whoever handled the toy purchasing for Target at the corporate level made absolutely no distinction between old series toys and brand new cutting edge releases. And to make it more fun, the store doesn’t track inventory by SKU, or by name… but by ‘assortment’.

They put all Mega Bloks World of Warcraft ‘assortments’ priced at $24.99 on clearance, so they clearanced the Goblin Shredders. At half off.

Plus this weeks advertisement had a 30% discount coupon for Mega Bloks sets.

Yeah, Target took that one in the shorts. Well done, sir and ma’am. No need for me to rub salt in the wound by letting everyone know how badly you messed up… but what the heck, if you’re going to be that ignorant, so be it.

Next time, might want to make an effort to know the difference between older toys and newer toys and track by SKU or name. Us customers certainly know the difference, and we thank you for funding our eBay sales.

Well, not mine, but I’m sure somebody saw that one and chortled with glee.

Oh, and if you search, make sure and use the correct spelling. Apparently, it’s a “Goblin Schreder“.

Yeah, we can tell Target has their finger on the pulse of the toy market. Might be squeezing a bit tight, though.

We ordered the toy online, so no worries there. But that still left our son with cash in hand and no new toy to get that new car smell.

After he wandered the aisles with no result, because it makes a difference when the toy you buy is with your OWN money instead of momma moneybags, I mentioned that there were also video games for 3DS or PS3 or even the Wii he could check out.

Oh, boy.

Our son, blessed that he is, finds exactly what he wants, and it came as no surprise since he’s wanted it for two years.

Skylanders. In this case, Skylanders Giants.

Ah, shit.

Cassie has fought this battle for two years. Skylanders is another way of saying, “Parents, just hand over your wallets, you’re fucked.”

As Cassie began to explain first that we were planning on buying into the Disney Infinity version soon to be released (and thus if we buy Skylanders there would be no money for the Disney version) and second that there was no way his $50 or so was going to stretch to a $75 starter set, plus you need at least one of each of the eight types of power characters to unlock every area, which go for $10 to $15 A POP, I called a halt to the discussion.

That day, Saturday, the last day of the sale week… the Skylanders Giants PS3 starter set was $40. It was $35 off. That one day. And all sets were buy two get one free.

A huddle formed, because the truth was clear.

If this shit is getting bought, it’s happening today, because we ain’t paying $75 ever in the future. But $40… he could afford $40.

Cassie said Amazon usually price matched when a big chain did this kind of thing. I checked, sure as heck she was right as usual, they were price matching… and she said that if they did, again they would stop as soon as the big store sale was over.

Move your ass and decide now, or forever hold your peace.

But does he really want the game? Is he sure?

What it came down to, as we discussed it over lunch, was he didn’t want it if it meant he couldn’t get the Goblin Schreder (sic). He was almost in tears at the pain of this decision. Goblin Schreder or Skylanders Giants?

When Cassie assured him that his money, if he pushed it and used some allowance, would stretch to both… well, he went for it.

With that decision made, Cassie became directly involved.

I might not have ever mentioned this before, but I do not handle the family finances. Cassie does. She is a master at knowing when to hold ‘em, and when to go all in. It’s because of her diligent efforts that we have a house, because if it were up to me we’d have lost the mortgage due to a Battlemech miniature game addiction years ago or something equally stupid.

No, I’m not kidding. I grew up so poor you’ve got no freaking idea. Living in the ghetto poor. I have within me this destructive little thing that whispers to me, “Buy that. You know you want it. You’ll feel better if you have it. You won’t be able to stop thinking about it until you do. Go ahead, what’ll it hurt.”

I’m a lot better these days, but there are still those moments where I feel the yearning to impulse buy something to feel good. And for those moments, there is the Auction House, where I can blow my gold and ask Cassie for a loan until the cash from my dailies comes in, lol.

So she has the veto. She has the sense as well as the cents.

She took a good, hard look at the Target special, checked for price matching at Toys R Us, Walmart and Best Buy, looked at Gamestop, and ultimately decided on a course of action that had us purchase the PS3 Skylanders Giants starter set, three more Giants (Crusher, the Whale and the Cubs ultimate favorite, Eye-brawl) and three of the 3-packs.

One of the 3 packs had all series 2 characters that included a Gear and a Magic, the other two sets were adventure sets from the first Spyro’s Adventures game with the pirate ship and the Dragon Peak, which gave us a fire character too.

This careful balancing act left us with at least one of each type for maximum game unlocks, two adventure sets for expansion, and the most value for the money.

It also left our wallets weeping, but it was on sale! We didn’t spend money, we SAVED money! Yeah!

Oh dear lord what have we done… even I’m wincing at the memory.

Anyway, the Cub now has a level 10 Eye-brawl and is having a blast.

I asked him last night if he wanted to play some more Skylanders, or if he wanted to log in and do LFR on his Death Knight with me for the very first time before the reset.

He chose Skylanders, so, yeah. He might be gone.

On the other hand, I was watching him play, and he let me take the controls a few times…

That Cynder is pretty cool. I like the way he turns into a shadow to scoot along underground, and leaves a trail of ghosts behind.

And if you blast sheep with lightning bolts, they puff up like cotton balls and you can roll them around!

And, and, and…

You know, I might not be logging on for a while.

Take care of my alts, feed my dinosaur, and water my garden, okay?

And if you don’t hear from me after a month or so…

No, you can’t have my stuffs.

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As an addendum to the Cub Report, I present to you a pictorial journey through the first structures of Alex’s imagination.

Island - A Distant Shore

The journey begins, with a view of the island from shore. Notice the torches, and how he started with wood, then began upgrading afterwards to stone.


Island - A beacon to light my way home - first version

Here we see, close up, the first rough signal tower he built with torches to be seen from a distance.


Island - Upstairs bedroom with emergency trapdoor

Here is the upstairs bedroom of his cozy island house. And, like all proper bedrooms, there is a trapdoor emergency hatch so you can escape if cornered by bad guys… or homework.


Island - now thats a treehouse

Here we see, from the island bridge, his first forays into building a treehouse. Oh yes, those are stone stairs circling that tree. Yes they are.


Island - treehouse stairs

No, really, those are stone stairs to be proud of. Curious fact, chickens can and WILL hop onto and follow you up stairs all the way to the top… and if you then remove blocks from behind them, you’ve got a treed chicken.

At least, so I’ve been told by the under ten set.


Fortress - At night

And now we see the fortress that Alex has made in Creative mode. It started out as being open, and the most recent addition is that massive wall circling the whole damn thing. From this view you can see how tall the whole thing is, the two glowstone towers with trapdoors in the foreground that lead to the underwater viewing chambers, the lava and water towers, and the distant lighthouse with glowstone on top.


Fortress - visible lava and water towers

A closer view, easier to see the lava and water towers. You know, if enemies storm that courtyard and he opens the bottom bricks to release all that water and lava at once, I think they’d be pretty steamed up about it. You’d have to be half baked to even consider attacking it.


Fortress - Wolf followed to top of tower

Here you can see how, once landed on top of a glowstone tower (with trapdoor), Wolfie has decided to show up. How does that dog do dat?


Fortress - Dawn

From this view, you can get a better idea how tall the lava tower is, and how far down that grassy courtyard is. Those are double doors leading into the fully furnished multi-story redstone castle.


Fortress - petting Zoo

What castle would be complete without petting zoo? And yep, those are eggs. Lots of torches too, guess zoo critters don’t need sleep much.


Fortress - dummies

Here we see a lovely interior shot of the dog house, with low one block size entryway that the wolf can walk through, but not Alex, because as he put it, “Sometimes I bet Wolfie would like some privacy.” Also note the WoW-style training dummies in lime green, clearly marked with bow and arrow signs, so you know what weapons you’re supposed to use here.

And yes there are bows and arrows, and when arrows hit something, they stay stuck there until you brush them off. A nice touch, that one.


Fortress - Wolfie

And finally, a closer picture of Wolfie. He does seem happy with his home, doesn’t he?

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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I’ve been chatting a lot with DeGei, who you might know from listening to the Group Quest podcast.

Quick plug, if you haven’t listened to it, it’s a great roundtable discussion of things in WoW. There are always great discussions that get me thinking.

DeGei and I have mostly been talking about pet battling and old school raiding, but one day he turned the topic, quite subtly, to what Alex was doing lately.

“Alex is mostly playing with toys and the 3DS, or tablet games like Star Wars Angry Birds. He pops in and out of Warcraft, but the complexity and difficulty of the game this expansion is hampering things.”

I should have been suspicious. I should have suspected something, but no.

Oh no, not me. Blind fool.

“Well, has he ever tried Minecraft? I think he’d really like it.”

Uh oh. Another one of THOSE freaks.

He hasn’t played Minecraft, but I grudgingly admitted that the option was available.

Back in August of 2011, Cassie asked if I’d heard of ‘this Minecraft thing’, and said the game was on sale, buy the game and get a gift code for a free second account. We could buy it, try it, and if it seemed cool give it to Alex, AND one of us could play it too.

I bought it and tried it out a bit… and I was totally lost.

No quests? No breadcrumbs? No instruction manual on how to make shit? What the hell was I supposed to do with nobody there to hold my hand?

I read a little about it on the internet… Survival mode, monsters that would come to eat me and I had to scramble to try and build a crude shelter, light a fire, say what now?

Where are the menu of commands? How do I make anything? OMIGOD I’M SO CONFUSED.

it wasn’t for me because, hello, Warcraft, and Alex does NOT like survival zombie apocalypse ‘grue will eat you’ kinds of stuff at all. Alex was really loving World of Warcraft at the time, so I decided to shelve Minecraft and leave it the heck alone.

Fast forward to today, a year and a half later, and an uncomfortable conversation.

“No, he has never played Minecraft, but, um… we own it. So I don’t have a real good excuse as to why not.”

I signed off, and decided to dust the install off and give it another try. I knew it was still on my computer somewhere, because the Curse Gaming downloader saw it and added it to my list of games that had addons available. Curse knows my computer better than I do.

I found it, dug up my old email with login info, loaded Minecraft up and started trying to figure it out.

I would have given up again, except I decided to use my leet WoW skills. Namely, I went looking for a website that would tell me what to do.

Ah, the lessons learnt from WoW. If something takes more than 3 seconds to figure out, look for an internet guide.

With the beginner’s guide from the Minecraft Wiki open, I began to puzzle things out. Hey, this game is pretty cool, this is neat, you can…

“What are you playing, Daddy?”

Oh, shit. Busted. Cold, flat busted.

“Umm, it’s a game called Minecraft.”


Aw, shit.

It turns out EVERY KID IN HIS CLASS plays Minecraft, and talks about it sharing stories and tips.

They compare notes. They brag about hidden things they’ve discovered, as kids do.

I was asked, could I, maybe, just possibly, install it on Alex’s computer so he could play? Maybe? PUH-leeze?

Yeah, he’s gone.

Here’s the thing about Minecraft.

Minecraft is the LEGO of video games, before LEGO became all about movie video games done in block style.

You get out of it what you bring to it, and you really do tear down and build up anything you can imagine, one block at a time.

Yes, the graphics are primitive, but once the switch flips in your noggin and you realize this is a world made of LEGO blocks, and YOU can tear the existing blocks down and build whatever the hell you want, that’s it.

So, that’s what Alex has been playing lately. And I blame DeGei, damnit.

Alex started in the default game mode, ‘Survival’, and had a lot of fun with it. He learned how to mine, make torches, tunnel caves, make doors, and grasped the idea of ‘hide when it’s dark’ better than I might have wished. The game has taught him to be afraid of the dark and cower in a cave.

What’s really interesting is, he wasn’t even in danger at the beginning. He never saw a bad guy, but he had heard enough to know to fear what creatures the darkness would bring, so he’d build a shelter and focus on making it defensible, and being inside by lights out.

He was on the easiest difficulty, where he can’t starve, or really die except from falling or lava, and where monsters don’t even spawn in the game to hunt him. He could travel in the dark with impunity, he just didn’t know it.

Once he found that out, he got a bit more adventurous, although he had a rough time when he got lost far from his crafted home once.

I left him to it. I used the Minecraft Wiki to teach him how to make various things like torches and better pickaxes, and a crafting table and furnace, but other than that he was on his own.

A couple of days of busy activity, and he proudly showed off his new island home.

He’d found a small island off the coast, installed a stone road lined with torches, built a stone multi-storied house with real doors that you could open and close, put in a trapdoor to the basement with a pressure-plate for an ‘escape hatch’, built up a massive tower with torches all up the sides so he could see it like a lighthouse leading him home at night, and he even led chickens from the mainland to his island.

Just… amazing. And all of it from his imagination.

So, he was happy, but in order to advance, I was going to have to really break out the crafting item wiki to figure out what else he could do.

Then, chatting with Tish Tosh Tesh about Minecraft, it turns out Tesh plays it with HIS kids, and they play the ‘Creative’ mode.

Um, the what mode?

Oh, Creative mode! Where you can’t die, you start with infinite amounts of every item/block in the game, and can fly. So, you can build ANYTHING, anywhere.


Wow. Can Alex handle that? What if having everything so easy without having to mine materials and make it by crafting ruins the experience?

Hah. HAH.


It’s been about a week.

He has made a massive multi-level walled fortress with turrets, minarets and battlements. He has one tower filled with lava, and another tower next to it filled with water.

He has a basement chamber that is the petting zoo, filled with various animals like chicken and sheep.

He has a wolf that he tamed, using a technique taught to him from a school friend.

He built a special doghouse in the castle for his tamed wolf, and spent two days frustrated as heck that the Wolf kept escaping the doghouse, despite walls or whatever, until his classmates shared the cause… tamed wolves teleport to your location if you get too far away.

He dug down into the ocean, built a sub-basement and installed glass windows so he could look out at the sea and the swimming squid.

He built soaring towers of glowstone as a beacon and floors of glowing magma rock.

He has a big bed in his bedroom, and he’s got this chicken that seems to like hanging out there, because every tie he logs in, there’s the chicken… in his bed.

He’s got winding staircases and signs and… wow.

He loves it. And he loves it even more because he is able to talk with his classmates about the shared experience, all of them playing the same game, having something in common.

It turns out that the modern peer activity isn’t hockey, or football, or any other kind of sports.

The peer activity for his class, the NORMAL activity is video games, and specifically a creative video game called Minecraft.

I have a small sliver of hope for our future.

What will the world look like, or this corner of it, when it’s hard to call someone derogatory names based on being a geek when everyone grew up doing ‘geek things’ and there is no stigma of ‘the other’ attached to it?

He loves it, and he likes that he can talk about it with friends at school.

DeGei has told me about addons and modifications, but I’m really confused about that stuff. I don’t want to change things on Alex too much all at once, and most addon packs seem to have a ton of stuff all rolled together. I’m sure he’d like some additional items, but how to choose what, and not go too far?

Enough. It’s a great game, and I’m sure once he starts to wander, addons will bring more for him to excited about. Time enough to worry about it then.

Wait, World of Warcraft in there somewhere?

As far as World of Warcraft is concerned, he still likes the game, but this expansion has been very hard.

Some of the quests are designed to be challenging for normal players to negotiate, so he’s been running into some problems that lead to frustration.

He gets through them eventually, but when the stress level is that high, he takes his WoW in small doses.

He was really jamming the pet battles and taming, but he’s stalled a bit on that because he’s in the 19 range, and it gets hard to tell where to travel to for your next pet tames, and it can take a while to grind some levels on those pets. When you’re leveling in Pandaria and everything is 23 – 25, your team of 19′s don’t help.

He’s at the point now where he plays his Death Knight just a little bit questing, but he really looks forward to playing with us in places like Molten Core, AQ40 or Karazhan, where his level doesn’t matter because we’re all overpowered there anyway.

He still likes World of Warcraft, but it’s for playing as a family.

For everything else, it’s Minecraft. It’s all about creating his own thing fresh, and proudly showing it to Cassie and I.

What lesson could we learn from this?

I know one lesson… if there was an area in World of Warcraft where he could easily design his own house, walls, basement and barnyard, and populate it with animals and plants and whatever else, he’d stay in WoW all the time, too.

When it’s just visiting something someone else designed, if there isn’t something to kill, quest or craft, it’s only so good for so long.

Maybe that is where your farm in Halfhill is heading, but there will have to be one hell of a step up to compete with the world building in Minecraft.

Just saying.

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